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What's your Focus for the next week?

Each one that's mentioned below are equally important. Let's get better at Multi-tasking from here!

1.Major Focus to be on Application to Match conversion.

From 1st May till 9th May,i.e today, we've had 1065 EPs that have applied to our opportunity,403 EPs that are still under Match-in-Progress. BUT,only 146 EPs have been matched so far.

Our Conversion rate - 13 %

  • Every single EP is your potential customer & make it your priority.
  • Be clear & aware of the opportunities you have on EXPA just to ensure you don't miss out on any form.

2.Major Focus on Asia-Pacific region.

The potential partners for India & their oGC stats from May 1 till May 9th are shown below. See how much we're missing out on.

  • They've had 589 matches in 9 days. Who are they matching with? And how much with India?
  • Leverage out of CHINDIA.

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3.MoC and Egypt currently with the highest supply in the network.

MoC and Egypt both want to upscale the partnership with India. Hence,we need to start pushing from our end as well. See the need and work upon it.

  • CHINDIA is something you can really leverage out of.
  • Egypt,leverage out of all the connections you have made so far in the network. They work better if they know you better.

4.Follow up with partners for IR partnership target conversion.

What's our conversion from all the partnerships we've signed with our partners?

It's important that we keep following up with our partners regularly. For eg, Make sure you reach out to your partners first if you run a Matching Mania,or you run an Internal Branding campaign. Lesser effort and more efficient.

5.Membership Productivity to be a major focus. Productivity will boost your numbers.

Members need to have matching as their current focus. Hold regular meetings,keep checkpoints,run campaigns and track productivity. Fun elements like Matching Days with your team can boost productivity.

It's always about fun with work. Matching is fun!

6.Ensure your CX team is prepping for delivery.

  • The accommodation and other logistics need to be set by end of this month.
  • Start HOMESTAY campaigns NOW.
  • Your Value Delivery plan needs to be ready and needs to be communicated exactly to the EPs you match.
  • Remember- this also sets a mark for your Winter peak.

7.Create demand for your projects.

  • MC’s peak will start booming the coming week. Hence,make sure your projects have demand. This will lead to quicker conversions
  • Run Internal Branding campaigns-project-wise demand also adds a lot of value to the project.Make your matched EPs promote your projects.
  • Go out of your way to create the BRAND. It's your project.

8.Keep updating the national search tool.

  • The national search tool has been sent across the global network.
  • As and when you release forms or add more opportunities,ensure it's updated.
  • If you see a certain demand for a particular form,you can also prioritise the list.


Major demand Projects (Globally): Promote these first.

  • Literacy and education based
  • Cultural Underestanding
  • Women rights
  • Healthcare (Growing Demand)


You have the most beautiful stories here. Make USE of it. Have you seen everything that it contains? If you haven't,do it NOW and start promoting.


Come What May! You are meant to kill the Summer 2016.