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Term 1- Week 5, 3rd March 2022

Kia ora koutou,

This week it was wonderful to see our tamariki in Pukehangi Team who are in the new entrant classes taking part in Learning Through Play. All of our classes in the Pukehangi Team are actively involved in Learning Through Play. This year the team is working together in smaller groups to keep the number of children involved smaller but to continue with the valuable learning that takes place.

This year the teachers are providing provocations which specifically target literacy. Writing is a particular focus across the whole school.

A message from Pukehangi Team teachers

Our Pukehangi Team delivers Learning through Play. Do you have stuff lying around at home that could be useful to us such as crates, tires, material or pipes, or any spare loose parts to use in our play. Our teachers and students would appreciate any donations of equipment.

This week we have a number of students who are not at school due to being sick themselves or because their household is isolating. We still have a large number of students that are able to be at school at the moment.

If this changes due to the spread of COVID-19 across our community we will then move to a hybrid learning environment. This will mean that we pair up classes at the same level and one of the teachers works with the students that are here at school and the other teacher works on home learning with the students who are learning from home.

Ngā mihi

Sarah Thompson

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Principal's Awards Awarded to students making exceptional effort and or achievement at school, therefore deserving of acknowledgement and recognition.

Whakapoungakau Team

A1: Blake Firman for being a diligent learner who is proud of his responsibilities as the ICT leader in A1. He also knows what his learning intentions are and strives towards achieving each success criteria that are linked to his learning intentions. He demonstrates Integrity and Respect towards his teachers and peers. We are lucky to have him in our class.

A2: Shepherd Kereopa Edwards for demonstrating commitment to his learning. He has settled into great work habits by staying focused and completing his work to a high standard. He shows everyday that he can make good choices and work cooperatively with others. Shepherd displayed integrity whilst collaborating with his group to make kindness videos. Tino pai rawa atu, keep up the awesome mahi Shepherd.

A3: Maxamillion Jensen for having made a great start to 2022. He is beginning to challenge himself to take risks in his learning. Maxamillion is showing fantastic collaboration skills, especially in our swimming programme by encouraging and supporting others who are not as confident. I am so proud of you Maxamillion, keep up the amazing mahi we are lucky to have you in A3.

A4: Aiyanna Kokiri for being a diligent and hard worker in A4. She understands her role as a visible learner by using our many displays of our learning intentions and success criterias to guide her mahi in each learning area. By accepting responsibility for her learning, she excels at demonstrating integrity and respect. We are grateful for her presence in our class as she consistently demonstrates our R.I.D.E values and learning dispositions. He rawe Aiyanna!

A5: Luke Robson for being a motivated and hardworking learner in A5. He knows what his learning intentions are and quietly works towards understanding and following the success criteria that are linked to them. Luke demonstrates many of Glenholme School's learner dispositions. He is a Thinker, Risk-taker and is great at Self-regulation. Luke is a resilient and lovely member of A5 who consistently shows Integrity and Respect. We are lucky to have him as part of our learning community.

Tihiōtonga Team

B3: Katniss Lacuna for having a fantastic start in B3. Katniss has settled well into Tihiotonga and is giving everything a go. She has a positive attitude towards her learning and always shows the School Values and Dispositions. Keep up the great work Katniss and we are lucky to have you in B3.

B4: Japneet Kaur for being a risk taker and challenging herself when things get difficult. She is beginning to articulate her learning by telling me how she came to an answer. A great start to the year. Well done Japneet.

B5: Aaron Bidois for working hard and sharing his ideas about Integrity. Aaron liked it when his teacher noticed him doing the right thing in the classroom and he did an excellent job posting his work to Seesaw. What a B5 superstar you are Aaron. Keep up the good work!

B7: Kiranjeet Ghotra has settled into B7 and made lots of friends. She is a respectful, well mannered young lady who interacts well with all her classmates. She understands the importance of staying focused during lessons and displays a great attitude towards her learning. Kiranjeet exhibits our Glenholme Learning Dispositions of Risk-taker, Self regulator and Collaborator. She occupies her time constructively and works cooperatively with other students in large or small groups, readily sharing her thinking and ideas. Keep up the great work Kiranjeet.

Pukehangi Team

B1: Freda Lutz for always being ready to share and be helpful to your peers and to teachers.

B6: Zachariah Poafa for showing respect and manners in the Whānau Whare. You are cooperative with your classmates and are a great role model. Tino pai rawa Zachariah!

A6: Dhevan Escudero Canuti for showing Integrity when he is playing with his friends. He happily takes turns and shares equipment with his peers. Thank you for being a wonderful and reliable role model in A6 Dhevan. Mrs Kiel is very proud of you! Keep up the winning attitude!

C6: Hameed Al Chakif for being a C6 Superstar! Hameed always tries his best in his learning and shows the Glenholme School Values to his teachers and peers. He has a fantastic attitude and never gives up. Hameed you have made an amazing start to the year, keep it up!

C7: Hollie Sewell for being a keen learner in C7. Hollie has made an excellent start to Year 2. She finishes her work to a high standard then enthusiastically seeks out another challenge. She is reliable and responsible too. Well done, Hollie. We love having you in our class.

C8: Francois van Staden for showing that he is very keen to succeed at Glenholme school by making his best effort to follow the school rules. He demonstrates that he can be reliable by always lining up at the classroom door after the bell rings at the end of play time, and he is excellent at initiating play and conversations with others in the class. Francois has shown excellence by working really hard at practicing his writing. He has made a big improvement with letter formation, and is confident to give writing a go. Francois is developing good leadership skills and this can be seen in the way he sets an example of using walking feet when he is the line leader, and always encouraging others to follow the school rules and listen to the teacher. Well done Francois!

C9: Aurora Packer for the fabulous focus she is showing with new learning in Reading and Writing. Aurora is beginning to say the sounds in words to help her read and write new words. What a star. Aurora. takes great delight in her learning and her enthusiasm is infectious within the class. She is a great role model in C9. Kap pai Aurora.

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Up and Coming Events

Term Dates 2022:

Term 1 1st February - 14th April

Term 2 2nd May - 8th July

Term 3 25th July - 30th September

Term 4 17th October - 16th December

Friday 4th March - Young Leaders - Ohau Channel/Trout Pools

Monday 7th March - Making the Difference Swimming Programme - Tihiotonga Team

Wednesday 30th March - Thursday 31st March - Academic Achievement Discussions - To Be advised

Thursday 14th April - TEACHER ONLY DAY

Thursday 14th April - Last day of Term 1

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