You can ONLY be Better

The Green Apple Project

You can ONLY be better - The Green Apple Project

You can ONLY be better, that is the message that The Green Apple Project is sharing.

We will be sharing based on the three principal

1. Self Fulfillment
2. Transition
3. Inspiration..

Synopsis for 2-day program: You Can ONLY Be Better

YOU CAN ONLY BE BETTER: Five words that summarize the message of the Green Apple Project. And FIVE words that we believe should be embedded in the hearts and minds of every youth.

You Can ONLY Be Better is 2-day intensive youth life-skills and inspirational program, the signature program of the Green Apple Project.

The objective of You Can ONLY Be Better is to produce youths who have remarkable self-awareness of their true potential, who are resiliently positive towards change and adversity and who are not only inspirational to others around them, but to themselves as well.

This 2-day program is structured on the acronym of G.A.R.A.N.G, representing 6 core values of the Green Apple philosophy. It is designed based on Accelerated Learning principles to optimize learning of our participants and aims to engage and enrapture our young audiences with our spontaneous, activity-based approach to coaching.

The course begins with an introduction to the participants on the true meaning of success that is self-fulfilment in life, and how self-fulfilment will make the journey towards success worth embarking.

We will be sharing the fundamental is SUCCESS in a formulae formulated by our Principal Inspirator Syed Muhammad Abu Bakar I2CA(+)B

Throughout the course we highlight the difference between motivation and inspiration, putting an emphasis on the latter being more impactful and longer lasting. While motivation serves as the quick fix to problems like procrastination, inspiration will fuel the individual’s innate ability to achieve excellence with consistency and persistence.

Besides self-fulfilment and inspiration, transition serves as the third key aspect of our philosophy. We want our participants to be equipped with the knowledge and skills to ensure a smooth and successful transition through the phases of life, especially from youths to adulthood. Graduates will not only leave the program inspired to move forward, but also know how to inspire themselves to continue moving forward as well as be an inspiration to others around them.

The Green Apple is more than just a metaphor but an encompassing symbol of the true potential and brilliance of every youth. We believe in not only producing academically successful youths but youths with the resilience and optimism to see challenges as opportunities. Every youth deserves the right and opportunity to discover the concept of self-fulfillment and true success, even at their tender age. And we want to be the catalyst to nurture and guide them in that direction.

What are the take away?

Participants will not only leave the program with the skills required to communicate effectively with anybody as well as a newfound sense of appreciation for their reality despite the inevitability of challenges. We intend to inspire hope and perseverance in them which will help them grow to be stronger and wiser individuals.

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Valued at SGD1777 for a two day werkshop
iNTRODUCTORY PRICE only SGD477 plus half a day workshop for parents only.

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You can only be better - The Green Apple Project

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