Once upon a time the dog family was minding their own buisness when the kids wanted to re-build their rooms. The mom and dad said" watch your sisters please." They did not they just said," you are to young so just make your rooms like the rest of us." They collected all of their things and built their rooms like there older sisters said. Then when they came back the girls told on their other sisters and brother. The mom told the girls and the boy to tell their sibblings they were sorry but the oldest re-fused to say anything but,"you guys should re-fuse to say sorry and just say nothing to those cry-babys and tattle-tales. So the day the mom and dad went to hunt for food the kids decided to build their own houses so thats what they did. One made a straw house which was the oldest,the second oldest built hers out of sticks,the brother made a mud house and the twins made a medal house with bricks on the outsides. Then as they settled into their houses the BIG BAD WOLF CAME and said;"little puppy little puppy let me in." "I am a teenager and no because you are a jerk." "Then I will huff and puff blow your house down." and with that he blew the straw house down. The oldest ran to her sisters house and they hid. The BIG BAD WOLF said little puppy little puppy let me in." No you are a jerk so no." 'Then i will huff and puff and blow your house down." With that he blew the house down. The boy left his house with the others and the big bad wolf followed them to the twins houses. They knocked on the door and said please let me in. No why should we let you in. because we are sibblings then the twins said ok and let them in. THE BIG BAD WOLF FINALLY SAID LITTLE PUPPYIES LIYYLE PUPPIES LET ME IN. ALL OF THEM SAID NO YOU ARE BAD AND A JERK. THEN I WILL HUFF AND PUFF AND BLOW YOUR HOUSE DOWN. BUT IT DIDN'T BLOW DOWN. Then he left and their parents came back and all of the kids followed them into the house and they told them everything every detail and fell asleep.