The Canadian Oil Sands

The Industry of Canada By: Jerry Bernal

Why develop the oil sands

The Canadian oil sands are located in Alberta and stretch to Saskatchewan. Canada started to extract the oil in the mid 1960's. Ever since that time, Canada has been trading most of its oil with the US. Canada is eager to expand 2 million barrels to 4 million barrels per day to increase the amount of oil traded to the US and because of the money given to Canada. This amount of money from trade helps with the Canadian economy. Wealth from the oil trade gives Canada a lot of money therefore making Canada a rich country.
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Environmental Damage

The oil sands are having hazardous effects the environment around it. For example; To get land for the oil team to dig requires deforestation. This destroys habitats and only 0.15% of the forest was reclaimed. From there on they can start to mine the oil. Polluted water from the oil sands leaks in the Athabasca river, and Arsenic from the river is infecting people with Cancer and animals. The process on exacting the oil takes lots of fresh water and chemicals to separate the the oil from the sand. After that the water is contaminated and toxic, they dump it in thing called tail pounds. A lake created for the deposit of the toxic water. This can be a problem because the tail pounds tend to leak into the Athabasca river therefore infecting the fish and animals who drink the water. This is why many people living along the river, have been catching infected fish with tumors and have not been finding any evidence of caribou in the area anymore.
Rethink Alberta - Tar (Oil) Sands Pollute Athabasca River

Health Concerns

Health concerns about the oil sands are caused by the water leaks from the tail pounds. This not only affects us but animals well. Fish caught by the locals for example; have seen first hand at what the oil sands have done to their natural food/water. Many first nations people have caught fish with large tumors on its sides which made them wonder why this is happening. From the documentary: "H2Oil", Dr. John O'Connor; a doctor at fort chip along the Athabasca river states that the amount of Arsenic in the water is 1200x the normal rate it should be. The only explanation that this cause leads to it the oil sands.

My opinion

Should Canada continue to increase development of the oil sands?

In my opinion, if Canada can't come up with a solution to the problem, then I will have to disagree. I disagree because the development of the oil sands are infecting wildlife in the area and the government is doing nothing about the countless complaints that people have about the oil sands. Signs of chemicals have already started to take its toll. Fort Chip along the Athabasca river has seen the effects that the oil sands caused. The people who fish the waters have found fish with tumors. 26 people have died from cancer in 1 year due to the consumption of the fish. This happened because the fresh water used to separate the oil from the minerals, is deposited in tail pounds creating a lake of toxic water. Over time, it tends to leak into the Athabasca river. When the government is doing nothing about complaints, that probably means they will never stop. They never stop because of the money. They don't know that they are contributing to the global warming of the Earth. When the oil sands run out and when they run out of reserves, what will they do. Who will the government turn for help. Canada won't have anymore fresh water and no more agricultural products due to water pollution and air pollution. In conclusion, I disagree on Canada continuing to increase the development of the oil sands.