All About Autism

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What is Autism?

Autism is a neurological disorder that effects the development of the brain.
Asperger's syndrome explained for children


Normally a child is diagnosed with Autism at a young age. However, I was diagnosed when I was about 15. I went to see a specialist in Des Moines. At first she asked me tons of questions just trying to get to know me better. Then she had my mom take a test. The test consisted of various questions about my behavior. My mom could answer either very true, mostly true, sometimes true, and never true. When she was finished taking the test her answers were evaluated and if it fell into a certain range will determine if you have autism and how severe your case is.

Who is at risk

Anyone can get austim however its more common to develop austim if your family is at risk and if your a boy. Boys are four to five times more likely to have autism than girls. And it does not target a certain race or ethnicity.

Facts and statstics

  • 1 out of 68 of baby`s born will be diagnosed with austim in the US
  • more than 3.5 americans will be diagnosed with autism or a form of autism from the autism spectrum disorder
  • autism is the fastest growing development disability
  • About 1% of the population in the entire world has autism spectrum disorder
  • prevalence has increased from 1 out of 150 to 1 out of 68. 119.4% from 2000-2010 and the prevalence is suppose to increase 6-15 percent every single year.

3 questions for all to answer

What is autism?- its a neurological disorder that effects the development of the brain

What is causing autism to occur?- there are extra synapses in the brain and the autophgy does not get ride of the damaged synapses.

Who is at risk to be diagnosed with autism?- anyone who has a history of autism and more common in boys.

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