Winnebago Tribe

"Big Voice"

Past History

They were forced to move away from their home. It was hard to communicate with others. Places where they lived in the past were Wisconsin and Illinois.

Present History

A problem that they are facing today is that they are having a hard time keeping their native language because the kids just want to speak English. Currently, most Winnebago Indians live in Wisconsin and Nebraska.


The winnebago tribe used bows and arrows,spears and nets to

Catch fish.


The Winnebagos played hunting,and fishing games but the most popular game was lacrosse. It was a sport.

Interesting facts

Did you know that in the winnebago war the chief was always a boy?

Did you know that Winnebagos always tell fairy tales?

Did you also know that Winnebago equals Ho-Chunk.

Homes they lived in

Winnebagos lived in tepees,rectangle houses and they stayed in settle villages.