Mavericks Team Update

September 16, 2016


*A note about PowerSchool: When you are looking at student assignments in PowerSchool and you see that the points earned is in blue and underlined, please click on that number to see a comment written by the teacher explaining why the student lost points on that assignment.

Please make sure to sign up for Parent Teacher Conferences; click on this link and sign up for the time you would like to meet:

Maverick t-shirts and hoodies are available for purchase. Purchase forms are available in the Mavericks classrooms and forms as well as money can be given to Mrs. Boyd. T-shirts are $6 and hoodies are $16 (add $2 for XXL and XXXL). Deadline to order is September 23.

EDP sign-up info: .

What Did We Do in Class Today? Was Homework Assigned?

SCIENCE: Students will be finishing their Gizmo online lab about phase changes and how that relates to the kinetic energy of particles in that substance. Students in honors science will continue working on their children's story book.

ELA(Mrs. Goodwin and Ms. Nielsen): Today students read and annotated "Charles" by Shirley Jackson. We reviewed our summarizing notes. Students then logged into goformative to complete a graphic organizer to organize information about "Charles", then also wrote a summary of "Charles" using that graphic organizer on the same site. A FEW NOTES: There is a new grade in the grade book: On p. 13 of the students' interactive notebooks they were to answer a question about "Night Burial". We created organizers in groups, Mrs. Goodwin checked with each group to make sure they answered the question correctly, then students used their group organizers to create a final answer restating the question, answering the question, using text evidence to support their answer, and explaining how their evidence supported their answer; then, students edited each other's answers with the guidance of Mrs. Goodwin. Lastly, students were to write a final answer, using their approved group answer, in their notebooks of which was then graded. MANY students did not write the approved answer, and thus did not answer the question correctly. I have placed that question on goformative as well so if students wish to redo the assignment over the weekend and they have forgotten their notebooks they have the resources they need at home. Progress reports will be handed out on Monday; students will need to get a parent signature for those reports. Students may also complete "extra lessons" on i-Ready at any time to get supplemental instruction over the concepts they are learning in class.

ELA (Mrs. Brown): Today is testing day for our IEP goals. Students will work on iReady until their turn to test.

MATH (Mrs. Boyd and Mr. Powell-Deppe): Students will present their exponent rule to their classmates. On Tuesday and Wednesday, students were assigned an exponent rule that their group became experts on - creating a lesson and practice problems to teach their peers their specific rule. Today students will learn all of the exponent rules from these peer lessons! I am excited to see the students teach their peers! ANNOUNCEMENT: Unit 2 Quiz 1 has been moved to Tuesday! Study Guides will be given Monday.

SOCIAL STUDIES: Students wiil continue learning through the lense of the Pilgrims! What challenges they faced in the world!

Academic Dates to Remember

Parent Teacher Conferences

Tuesday, Oct. 25th, 3:15-8pm

4700 Northeast Parvin Road

Kansas City, MO

To schedule a Parent Teacher Conference, please click the link below:

Parent Teacher Conferences

Wednesday, Oct. 26th, 3:15-8pm

4700 Northeast Parvin Road

Kansas City, MO

To schedule a Parent Teacher Conference, please click the link below:

Band & choir dates to remember

8th Grade Band Performance with North Kansas City Marching Band & Northgate Middle School

Friday, Sep. 16th, 5:30-8:30pm

Howell Street

North Kansas City, MO

Sports dates to remember

Cross-Country vs. Raytown

Monday, Sep. 19th, 4pm

6707 Woodson Road

Raytown, MO

Volleyball vs. Platte County

Monday, Sep. 19th, 4pm

Platte County, MO, United States


Cross-Country Meet

Wednesday, Sep. 21st, 4pm

4700 Northeast Parvin Road

Kansas City, MO

Cross-Country vs. Campbell Middle School

Monday, Sep. 26th, 4pm

1201 Northeast Colbern Road

Lee's Summit, MO

Volleyball vs. New Mark

Monday, Sep. 26th, 4pm

4700 Northeast Parvin Road

Kansas City, MO

Cross-Country Meet

Wednesday, Sep. 28th, 4pm

Buffalo Stampede

Volleyball vs. Maple Park

Wednesday, Sep. 28th, 4pm

4700 Northeast Parvin Road

Kansas City, MO

Contact Information

Emily Boyd, Math

(816) 321-4204

Jessica Nolin, Science

(816) 321-5829

Troy Sielaff, Social Studies

(816) 321-6137

Leslie Goodwin, English Language Arts

(816) 321-4691

Additional Resources and Links

E-Campus (Blackboard) Username - student lunch number, password- student's birthdate (MMDDYYY)

I-Ready The I-Ready program provides students with lessons and assessments to strengthen their knowledge Math and ELA concepts. The Math and ELA teachers use this program in class frequently, and will use the students' scores on the assessments that follow the lessons in their grade books. We strongly encourage students working on lessons at home if possible. The student username is the student's ID (, for example) and the password is the student's birthdate (MMDDYYYY).

PowerSchool Be sure to sign up for a Parent Portal account! From this account you can view student's grades and attendance. Don't have a parent portal account? Contact the EGMS office to obtain one.

Scholastic Scholastic Reading Clubs allow parents and students to order book and other items at an affordable price. If you use Mrs. Goodwin's classroom code, N8ZDY , when you check out, you earn free books for the ELA classroom! Want to write a check? That's fine! Simply write the check to Scholastic and turn it into Mrs. Goodwin. Monthly paper catalogues are available in Mrs. Goodwin's room as well.

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