Walt Disney

Early Life

  • Walt Disney was born December 5, 1901 in Chicago, Illinois.
  • One of five children, and he lived most of his childhood in Marceline, Missouri.
  • Attended McKinley High School, where he took drawing and photography classes.
  • He was a contributing cartoonist for the school paper.
  • Also attended the Chicago Art Institute, and the Kansas City Art Institute and School of Design.

Traits and Characteristics

  • Walt Disney had a personality anyone could learn from.
  • He was creative and passionate about his work.
  • Disney would spend hours creating sketches, or thinking of new ideas for characters.
  • He was open to criticism, and other's opinions.

Beginning Careers

  • Disney worked at the Kansas City Film Ad Company, where he made commercials with cutout animation.
  • He began to gain an interest in cameras, and making his own hand-drawn animations.
  • He then decided to open his own animation business.
  • From the ad company, he recruited Fred Harman as his first employee.
  • Disney and Harman made a deal with a local Kansas City theater to screen their cartoons, called Laugh-O-Grams.
  • He was able to have his own studio due to the popularity of his cartoons, from this he hired several employees.
  • The studio went into debt, and Disney was forced to declare bankruptcy.
  • Disney and his brother Roy then moved to Hollywood, and there began the Disney Brother's Studio.
  • Throughout his careers, Disney created several cartoons in which made him very successful and popular.
  • Disneyland theme park was also a great accomplishment for him.
  • Disney died December 15th, 1966 due to lung cancer.
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