Taming of the Shrew

paragraph analysis

Option #2 Compare/Contrast Love and Marriage

Dating now compared to dating or marriage back in Shakespeare time is very different. For example, Bianca asks her father if she can see this boy whereas now, parents could care less who their children see. Back then your parents were a lot more involved in the kids relationships and who they're seeing. Usually back then, the parents would want to have that boy come over for dinner to actually meet them and question them, that's pretty much unheard of these days. Nowadays, kids don't care if your parents like them or not. Marriage has changed a lot in ways like people aren't all just in it for love. Patrick, in the movie, got payed to take out Katherine because he said he would date any girl, dumb, ugly, smart, or stupid. He just wanted their dowry from the parents, so in a way i guess it relates. People like to marry for money or just marry because they're rich. Back then, the kids had to get permission from parents and they were more involved in the wedding. People see marriage as a business in this society.
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SURPRISE ENDING - Flash Mob Marriage Proposal

By Kendra Borzick


Love and Marriage, Frank Sinatra by SimplyStrings