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December 12, 2015

The Nutcracker Ballet

What did you notice about the ballet?

Amy Kate, "I liked their costumes."

Terrah, "I liked how they kept their balance."

Ava, "I like the costumes."

Breah, "I liked their dancing and I like how they put them on their shoulders."

Bradley, "I liked the dancing."

Noah, "I liked the music and the dancing."

Brayon D., "I liked everything."

Isabella, "I liked every part of it."

Lilly Grace, "I liked the part where they put their heads back."

Gunner, "I like how the dream came true. I always dreamed of that!"

Dexter, "I liked the music and dance."

Puppet Performance of "The Holiday Bug"

Making Alphabet Cookies

Literacy Skills

The children are showing such growth in their understanding of letters, sounds, and writing. I love watching them make these connections. I asked the class, "Why is the alphabet important?" Maddy responded, "Letters are important because they make words and that is what we say."

This week we read more books about the alphabet including Curious George Learns the Alphabet, LMNO Peas, Click, Clack, Quackity-Quack Alphabet Adventure and Alphabet Rescue.

We are working on recognizing our sight words, sounding out the beginning, middle and end of words, and writing our own books. Please continue to read to your child every night.

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We hope you enjoy the gifts from your sweet children!

The children were so excited about the gifts they made for you, they convinced me to let them take them home a week early.

Items Needed for the Classroom

* Empty wrapping paper tubes for ramps and pathways

* Clorox wipes

* Letter stickers

* Ribbon (any length or pattern)

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