Andrew Jackson


Keeping the Union toghether

South Carolina complained about the tariffs that Jackson placed on the south. Then South Carolina threatened to leave the Union if the tariffs were not removed. Congress passed a bill that allowed Jackson to force them to stay in the union. He used the U.S Army and threatened to hang their leader.

Bank Problems

Jackson didn't like the bank because he thought that they only favored the wealthy. When he started his second term as president, he made it a goal to crush the Bank of America. Henry Clay sped up the signing of the bill that would make the bank last longer, but Jackson vetoed it. Then he redirected the deposit of the Federal Government money to a different organization. The bank soon failed without the money that they needed to continue.

War General

In his time before political issues with being president, he fought in most wars, and soon became famous for his skill in fighting, and successful run in them. He went around settling disputes with natives and whites, even tough his way of doing that was to kill the natives.