Miss Peregrines-Ransom Riggs

6 out of 5 stars "absolutely amazing" Tiarks' Times Reviews

Best Seller "Miss Peregrines Home for Peculiar Children" by Ransom Riggs is a must read

If you love creepy mysterious books then this is a book for you. This book is action packed and you are always left in suspense. It takes place on a mysterious island that not many people know much about. There is a boy named Jacob that witnesses his grandpa being killed by a creature called a hollow that not many people can see except for Jacob and his grandfather. They can see this because they are known as Peculiar, and these people have special abilities to do things that regular humans cannot do. Before Jacob's grandfather died he told him about an island to go to and that's where he finds other's like him, more peculiar people like him. If you want to know the adventures they go on then you're just gonna have to read the first book of Miss Peregrine's Home for Peculiar Children to find out.
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Miss Peregrine's Hollow City and Library of Souls (second and third book of series) is a book that can't be put down!!

The adventure's of the Peculiar Children continue in books two and three. As the kids try to save Miss Peregrine from the evil wights who are trying to capture all the ymbrynes to take over the world, but Jacob and the kids have a different idea about that. The kids powers are becoming stronger and Jacob is finding new powers about himself that he never dreamed he could do. With power like this there's no way the kids can lose..... or can they. Read the books to find out.

Ransom Riggs award winning author

Ransom Riggs grew up on a farm and that's where he started writing stories when he was young, he first started writing his stories on a typewriter. When he was a little bit older he got a camera for his birthday and he became obsessed with photography, which is part of the reason he put so many pictures in the Miss Peregrines series. He went to college for film making and that's because that's what he loved. While he was at a film festival one day he met a man who asked if he was interested in writing books for him and Ransom Riggs jumped on that opportunity right away, and that's he started writing.
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