Concerta vs methylphenidate

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I am not a medical doctor. however I will share my experiences with each medication. As a man of science, I actually have seen additional positive effects with Concerta than have seen with methylphenidate.

Both medications square measure supported stimulant drug. this is often the active ingredient. Ritalin, Concerta and square measure identical except that they need completely different formulations as they need a unique delivery system. Please browse below as maybe this can provide you with a much better understanding:

CONCERTA (methylphenidate HCl) CII is AN extended-release formulation of stimulant drug for attention deficit disorder treatment that lasts through twelve hours, with only one morning dose.

CONCERTA uses a complicated OROS® extended-release delivery system to deliver a controlled rate of medication throughout the day. The OROS trilayer pill is intended to unharness the medication in CONCERTA in an exceedingly swimmingly delivered pattern resulting in improved attention and behavior through twelve hours. owing to this distinctive delivery system, CONCERTA minimizes the ups and downs in blood levels knowledgeable with stimulant medications taken many times each day. analysis confirms that one dose of CONCERTA is as effective because the customary three-times-a-day dosing program of stimulant drug, the foremost unremarkably prescribed medication for attention deficit disorder.

CONCERTA conjointly eliminates the requirement for dosing in and out of faculty or work, since it's taken once within the morning (with or while not food). this is often particularly vital for patients WHO participate in educational, job-related, or social activities outside of faculty or work, because it might facilitate to eliminate the emotions of embarrassment felt by having to require medication within the middle of the college or work day or throughout outside activities. And, once-a-day dosing suggests that the medication is unbroken within the home and within the hands of fogeys. Buy Ritalin