Vietnam War and Its Global Impact

By: Haley Huddleston

Impact Before the War

The North Vietnam government and the Cong were fighting. They seen the argument as a "colonial" war , they fought against forces from France, America, then against South Vietnam . It revolved around a belief that America communism was threatening all over South East Asia.

Impact during the War

During the war, America dropped 8 million ton of bombs between 1965-1973. The type of bombs that were used varied and ranged from high explosive bombs to a target to napalm used on clinical air strikes on villages.North Vietnam was victorious over South Vietnam and all allied forces.The Vietnam War was a very costly , it didn't just effect the people in the war but the long term effects from all the people in the world.

Impact after the War

After the war was over the high explosive bombs continued as many failed to explode on impact they have caused problems every since. In the South, the largely peasant population suffered from the military activities of both sides. In the North, the US bombing had to have an impact on the people living there.