Anna Elizabeth Walbruch

Happy 12th 2013 Birthday!- From Isabel and Sydney

Happy Birthday Anna!!!

The first thing that I obviously have to say is happy birthaday Anna. I don't even know where to start! Well, I guess that I could start out by saying that you're my bestest friend in the entire world no wait, scratch that...SISTER. I'm not sure what I would do without you. You are the sweetest and nicest friend I have ever had, you are my 100% #1boss friend! you are famazingg!:) ily Anna im just 2fab4u, no jk ily, YOUR SO HOT THE SUN SAYS "OW" No matter how big of a rolla coaster ride are friend ship will go, our friend ship will always be forever. Remember in our friendship you can either sream or enjoy the ride! Anna, our adventures togther have just began and I'm so excited to see what other adventures we will have. Oh my gosh there are so many words to describe you that the the english language wouldn't even know of! I love you to the moon and back ! You are my straw to my berry and friend to my ship. Happy birthday Anna!


Happy Birthday My Like a Boss friend!

Dork!!!!!! You are super nice you never look at the down side of things, you always always look at the positive side. Don't ever worry you are my bestie for the restie I'm sooo speech less on how nice you are there is no way to describe it! Before you read this, remmember that you are my friend. PEYTON IS MINE DONT YOU DARE TAKE HIM AWAY FROM ME GIRLY!!! YOU CAN HAVE ZANDER THE DORK FROM WASHINGTON!! If you dont get Zander there is other boys because we all know that there is other boys along the road. lol imma jk with ya bro! Just always remember ANNA banana fefive fofana ANNA! Our friendship will go through ups and downs, infact it already has our friend ship will never end! Friends are like a bag of candy, some are good, some are bad but you're so good you are like a bag of skittles! Tommorow I will say hi to Caleb before you do. HAPPY BIRTHDAY ANNA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

SYDNEY your bestie!!!!!!:0