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May 6, 2016

End of Year Social!

Please take a moment to complete the short survey regarding an end of the year social for our team:

Spring AAPPL for High School

Finally, the Spring AAPPL high school reports are complete for the cohort of Level 1 students who were reassessed since the Fall. Below, you will see a graph for each skill/phase that was assessed. We do not assess speaking, just writing, listening and reading. Teachers received an AAPPL Score Report information document (shared below) that aids in interpreting the scores for student performance.

The scores range from Below N1 (Novice Low) through A (Advanced). N2-N3 indicate a novice mid performance. We had some students reaching in to the Intermediate ranges in reading, listening and writing! Generally the writing proves most difficulty, as that is all output. Students are provided prompts for which they generate as much in the Target Language as they are able. Writing is hand-scored, while reading and listening phases are automatically scored and reported.

The breakdown you see below combines high school French and Spanish.

Once middle school students complete the assessment for the Spring, I will share another breakdown.

Keep in mind our goals for Level 1 students to perform at a minimum:

Novice mid (reading)

Novice mid (listening)

Novice high (writing)

Do you notice any correlations to how high school students are generally performing on regular assessments and practice in your own class?

Are there any surprises that catch your eye?

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Interested in Hosting a Student This Summer?

Language & Friendship is a group that some teachers work with here in SDW, so please read on if you might consider or know someone who may consider hosting a student (French or Spanish). We've hosted another student in 2010, and it was such a learning experience for Cristina and for my husband and I. I hope you and your family or friends might consider this opportunity to broaden another's perspective as well as your own!

French group visiting June 10 - July 10, 2016

Left to Place: 10 boys, 7 girls, 2 leaders

Spanish group visiting July 1 - July 26, 2016

Left to Place: 10 boys, 6 girls, 1 adult leader/chaperone

DATES and BIOS of students: See the specific students with pictures and interests!

Hosting VIDEO: Fun to show in classes!

Families apply online. (When they apply, we contact you so you know who has signed up.)
You do not need to collect any applications.
You do not need to do anything at all during the stay!

Merci! ¡Gracias! THANK YOU!

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