The Indestructible Structure

of Caleb Luna

The Brains of the Operation

I am mostly left brained. Being left brain means that you are more presice and more strict with you imagination. But for my job that I want to have in the future (Architect) it is the perfect brian. Creativity is important but not as important as being as presice as possible.

Blue as the sky

My personallity is blue, which means that i am trustworthy, loyal, peacemaking, guinean, and friendly.


Thats right that is what I want to do. Building and designing buildings for an everyday job. What could you want that is more fun then testing your creativity will still having to be presice. And the best part is once you finish your job, you can go anytime to see what you have created. And what you created will stand there forever.

Salary and Tasks

Architects frepuently inspect mantain repair and controlls equipment. Also they often operate and handle vehicles. Architects are paid between $49,000-138,000 a year and is required to have a masters degree.