The hidden treasure of the Old Yafo City.

26.12.2013 : Old yafo City Game

Old yafo City Game : The hidden treasure of the Old Yafo City.

Thursday, Dec. 26th, 7-9pm

David Raziel

Tel Aviv

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You are in Tel-Aviv area and you want to have fun with some friends ?
It's cold outside and there is no so much stuff to do in Tel-Aviv when Mister Winter is in the place ... OKay well it's not right : you can go to party , drink a tea with some english friends or do some sports .

What about participate to a treasure hunt in the Old City of Yafo ?

Come and join us for two hours of adventure and fun on thursday 26th of December .
Travel through 4.000 years and discover the hidden beauty of Yafo through a competitive game for only 65 Shekel!
The price include :
* The game organisation
* The 2 persons who will "guide" you during the game
* The "treasure" or "price" that you can win at the end of the game.
* A Photo album for you and your friends
After the payment , you will received a ticket to confirm your registration for the game.

--------GOOD TO KNOW BEFORE YOU START-----------

Bring with you :
A coat or something hot ( because is winter )
Good shoes (not those that you bring at night club)
Water ( a bottle not a cup )
A pen ( Are you ready for the exam ?)
A charged "smart"phone (by the way : we hope that you are more smart than your phone)
And finally => your brain , imagination and good mood :D
REALLY IMPORTANT = > Be at the Jaffa Clock Tower to start the game at 7:00pm .

We are Yokari-events

The first event-agency specializing in creating Treasure Hunts in Tel Aviv. We organize treasure hunts in various cities in order to discover, learn, meet people, and have fun. We adapted this game for Adults and kids .

We think that the best way to discover a city and meet new people is to play a game based on the culture, history, hidden beauty and popular areas of that city.

This is why we created Yokari Events – to transform your city into a huge playground!

We propose 2 types of Treasure Hunts :