Daisy’s past few years with Tom

1919 - 1922

About Tom and Daisy

Tom and Daisy are married but daisy never loved tom but she hasen't told him because she is afraid and tom is cheating on daisy with murdle but daisy found out way before she just never said anything about it.Tom got mad because when daisy saw gatsby again she was flirting with him and tom noticed when he was with them.

Diasy and Gatsby

Daisy and Gatsby have known each other since they were small.But once they got older daisy didnt want gatsby because he was poor , so she married tom instead because he ws rich and had money.Than daisy had moved away and didnt see gatsby nomore.sometime has passed and they me again by daisys cousin.Nick was the one who got gatsby and daisy together again and once daisy saw gatsbys house and everything he had , she regretted no being with gatsby because he had so much money he was rich.