Pop Art


Intro on Pop Art:

Pop Art is abstract expressionism focused on everyday objects. Its based on modern movement and culture emerged in the 1950s in brtain and in the late 1960s in the U.S. Its an art that puts across direct response and uses imagery, styles, and themes!

PoP aRt !!!!

Saturday, Feb 16th, 12:30-7:15pm

Exeter Phoenix center

This is a fun and has a large range of Pop art to be shown. The exabition welcomes all from people who would like to exsplore more into the art, to the people that just want to take a look!So come and take a look around and enjoy the wongers of Pop art !!!

Pop Artist:

Andy Warhol was an american artist, born August 6 1928-Feburary 22 1987. He was a leadind figure in art movement known as pop art. He was a successful illustrator and then became a artist.

Pop Artist:

Roy Linten also was an American artist, born October 27 1923- September 29 1997. His work defined basic Pop Art favouring old-fashioned comic strip. Before he became an artist he was a teacher in a university.

About me and why I am interested in Pop Art:

Hi there, I am called Jess Ford and I am a less known pop artist. My work ranges from paper to walls and from paint to chalk. I love Pop art its a way of expressing my feelings other than talking. I myself will be at the Pop Art exhibtion, I wouldnt miss it for the world teaching otherabout Art is a privelge. Come and see myself and others on Saturday I will even show you some technique!!!