Cougar Chronicle

Volume 3, Issue 4

Penny War

Recently at CMS, we had a Penny Drive! We did this to raise money for Leukemia and Lymphoma Society. The one grade with the most pennies won free homework passes. If you brought in any silver coins, you could put them in the other bins. It subtracted points from the other grades. We would like to thank Conroy and Mr. Yagoda for agreeing to be interviewed. The winners were the Sixth graders!

-Jacky Z and Levi Y

Ski and Board

Ski and board begins this December. It is a program that allows students to go skiing and snowboarding with your friends after school on Fridays. Mr.Epstein runs the ski and board program. We interviewed Mr.Epstein and Kaity Mazza about ski and board. We learned that anyone of any grade in CMS can participate in ski and board. It's Mr.Epsteins 19th year running this program. They begun this program because it's a great opportunity to hang out with friends without parents and have fun at Bolton Valley for a discount price for students. According to Kaity Mazza, she says that "It's like AMAZINGLY fun and beyond!" Mr.Epstein says, "It's so much fun you can't stand up, but not as fun as a test." We'll see you there!

- Gabbi B and Rachael N

Basketball at CMS

Currently at CMS there are a lot of people playing basketball. This includes Jackson and Edin, two eighth graders. We asked them a few questions.

cc: Who got you interested in this sport?

Jackson: My dad got me interested in this amazing sport.

Edin: A NBA player inspired me.

cc: What would you change about this sport?

Jackson: Nothing, because it is perfect the way it is

Edin: Nothing.

cc: When did you start playing basketball?

Jackson: In 2nd grade

Edin: In 5th grade

cc: If you could pick a NBA team to play on who would it be?

Jackson: Boston Celtics, cause they're a really good team.

Edin: Brooklyn Nets.

cc: Why do you play basketball?

Jackson: Cause it’s fun.

Edin: Because its enjoyable, and we can play with friends.

As you can see, CMS sports are very enjoyable for the students.

-Kaity M and Jessie L

Band and Chorus Winter Concerts

Recently there was winter concerts at Colchester Middle School. Among these included the 7/8th grade chorus and band, the Jazz band and Select Choir, and the 6th grade band and chorus. The band concert was on December 16th, and the chorus concert was on the 18th. Many people showed up to both concerts and both went very well. According to Mrs Desautels, one of the top pieces of music that the 6th grade band would be playing is the African Noel. The top piece for the 7th/8th grade band was a piece titled Twas The Night Before Christmas, narrated by Ms Buckton. People can help the music program at CMS by participating in a carwash and multiple fundraisers. According to Mrs Desautels, “Joining our parent organization, Friends of Colchester Music, is another way to contribute.” Also, according to Brooke Tucker, a member of 6th grade chorus, a featured piece for them was the Jamaican Noel. Plus, Owen Brooks said that, “At our concert, people will hear lots of good music and entertainment.” Finally, Brooke Tucker, “We have been working hard on the music since September.” If you missed these amazing concerts, the bands and Choruses here at CMS will have a spring concert later this year.

-Ava K and Petra B

Farewell Mr Hammond

Mr. Hammond has been teaching and studying at CMS since the beginning of the year all the way to December. Mr.Hammond is a student teacher in Harbor House 7th and 8th grade Social Studies from Saint Michael’s College. A student teacher is a student in college looking to become a teacher.


Cougar Chronicle: “Where are you from?”

Mr. Hammond: “Oakdale, Minnesota.”

CC: “Why do you want to become a teacher?”

Mr. H: “Because I love seeing students learn and grow.”

CC: “When did you realize you want to become a teacher?”

Mr. H: “October of 2013.”

CC: “How did you realize you want to become a teacher.”

Mr. H: “I had a of really good teachers and I wanted to be like them, and I had a lot of bad teachers and I wanted to do better than them.”

Mr. Hammond is taking on his finals for becoming a teacher back at Saint Michael’s. We wish him the best of luck in his teaching career and hope he succeeds.

-Cyrus M

Neon XTREME Dance

If you had fun at the dance, then you should know some things about it. The dance was made possible by the PTO and parents who volunteered for the snack bar. The theme was “Neon Extreme” and the dance was held in the cafeteria. The gym was also open to play basketball. The PTO will be using the funds from the dance to support the school, and to support student projects. The reason of the dance was “for kids to have fun.” The goal for the dance is to raise $1,300 dollars. According to Ms. Gruss, the school ended up making $1624.35. After totaling the cost of the dance, the fundraiser brought in $1092.35.

-Evan B and Brooke C