Proctor & Gamble

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Their begining

William Procter, emigrating from England, established himself as acandle maker in Cincinnati, which was a busy center of commerce andindustry in the early nineteenth century. And James Gamble, arrivingfrom Ireland, apprenticed himself to a soap maker. The two might neverhave met had they not married sisters Olivia and Elizabeth Norris, whosefather convinced his new sons-in-law to become business partners.Then after that they had a company Proctor & Gamble or P&G.In 1859, 22 years after the partnership was formed, P&G had reached $1 million in total sales, in spite of declining candle sales. Fortunately, three years later during the Civil War, Procter and Gamble was awarded numerous contracts to supply soap and candles to Union armies.

Their Succes

Proctor And Gamble has grown over the past century . Proctor and Gamble is every where P&G is in your bathroom it is your toilet paper, shampoo, soap, and other useful house hold items such as brooms, candles, lotions, and much much more!