Dragon and Chinese culture

How will they relate

Research ?

How do the Chinese relate with dragons?

¡The Big Answer!

The Chinese have many traditions like the dragon dance where they dress up in a long dragon costume and dance on the streets. They also do dragon races "the boat is in the shape of traditional Chinese Dragon. A team of people works the oars in a bid to reach the destination before the other teams. One team member sits at the front of the boat beating a drum in order to maintain morale and ensure that the rowers keep in time with one another. Legend holds that the race originates from the idea of the people who rowed their boats to save Qu yuan after he drowned himself in the river."(china travel guide) That is just some traditions.


~ All dragons are evil

~ All dragons are good

~ Western dragons are evil and eastern are good

What has been argued

There has been some thoughts of sighting of mysterious creatures (Dragons) flying above and in the clouds

~ I beleive that these sightings are real a provide some evidence that dragons are real.

~ I also think that these dragons may be flying above for the thanking of the dragon respect. Like the dragon dance and boat race

What I beleive

I beleive that dragons are real but are very afraid humans so they need lots of space and hide from the human. But they feel respected so they help the humans in danger. But in the west if you threatend a dragon i may attack and destroy you.


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