e-Learning at S9GS


What is e-Learning?

The Madison County Schools eLearning days will offer full access to online instruction provided by each students’ individual teachers. Teachers will create lessons in Canvas, the school’s learning management system. These lessons will be interactive and relate to the curriculum for the specific class. Four eLearning days will occur throughout the school year. These days will be within the 180 days in 2015-2016 school year. Students will have access to teachers via the Internet.

If students do not have Internet at home, they may attend their school and participate in a modified day or utilize a location with computers and Wi-Fi access. These places include going to a friend’s home, using the public library, or using one of the numerous local businesses offering free Wi-Fi. Students will also have the opportunity to complete an alternative assignment with a parents request to the school.

What are the eLearning dates for the 2015-2016 school year?

  • November 10 (half day) for grades 9-12
  • February 12 (half day) for grades 912
  • April 15 (half day) for grades 9-12 e-Learning Day

  • April 19 (full day) for only grades 10-11
---10th grade ACT Aspire – on campus
---11th grade ACT- on campus
---9th and12th grade- eLearning

What will it look like for students?

Madison County School teachers will use Canvas to post assignments and lessons. Students access Canvas on their personal technology device. The learning management system is completely web-based.

On eLearning days, students will complete lessons/assignments created by their teachers in Canvas. These lessons/assignments will be aligned to the Alabama College and Career Ready Standards. Teachers will be checking Canvas during breaks throughout the day to answer questions.