Wilson's Weekly

Jan. 30 - Feb. 3, 2017


Monday, we will practice dividing a total into a specified number of groups. Tuesday, the students will divide up the total by making equal groups of the specified number. Wednesday, we will see how a bar model can be used to solve a division problem. Thursday, the students will see how repeated subtraction and division are related. Friday, we will use solve division problems using arrays.


This week, we will be reading and completing time lines. The students will be determining important events that happened throughout the individual's lifetime.

Writing & Spelling

On Monday, the students will be writing Ch. 4. Tuesday & Wednesday, the students will be writing Ch. 5. Thursday, the students will learn how to jazz up the headings in their table of contents. Friday, the students will be introduced to how to turn their informational writing piece into a Pow Toon.

Spelling this week will be a review unit. We will focus on words with consonant blends, soft c & g, digraphs, and irregular verbs.


Monday, we will go over the students "Variation of Traits" review. Tuesday, the students will take the test.

Social Studies

We will continue our study of Martin Luther King Jr. and his many contributions to the Civil Rights movement. The students will listen to and analyze his "I Have a Dream" speech. We'll also read about Rosa Parks and see how her actions led to various effects.

Upcoming Events

  • Monday, Jan. 30 - Counseling Club 12:55-1:25p.m.
  • Tuesday, Jan. 31 - Kids in the Kitchen 4:10p.m.
  • Tuesday, Jan. 31 - Art Club 4:10p.m.
  • Wednesday, Feb. 1 - Spanish Club 4:10p.m.
  • Thursday, Feb. 2 - Lego Club 8:00a.m.