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April 2014


Ahh Spring is here!

It is a time for budding blooms, fresh grass, and new beginnings! We're dusting off the cobwebs and making space for what's next!

What makes your life better? What would you like to change?

Everyone has something to improve upon. Just when one thinks it's all figured out, there is a new curve or new horizon to navigate. Well, that is the way it is! Life is about learning every day.

Being adventurous, not every new food or experience is without its drawbacks. It's fun to sample new things, but what goes down easily may certainly not be easy to tolerate. So my gluten-free goal this month is to be carefree but cautious. It is an oxymoron maybe, but most of us 'get it'. Self-love requires boundaries. There are limits; limits of exploration, limits of freedom, and then there's things which simply cannot be negotiated with, like gravity. "If I step off this cliff, will you at least meet me halfway?" Not likely. Would you really want it to?!

Nevertheless, out with winter and in with Spring! Delicious days and delectable nights filled with seasonal produce and yummy foods are here! I don't know about you but the scent of fresh strawberries is on my mind. The regal asparagus and summery tomato aren't far from it either. Warm weather is bringing more fun times, great friends, and unique events as well!

So whatever new goal, challenge, or experience manifests for you, may it be a lovely life lesson as you keep rocking on!

Happy Spring!

from Hadassah at Deelish! Foods

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