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COMMUNICATION TIPS for the New School Year

Below are a few communication-related tips

that you may find useful in the

new school year.


At this time, we are happy to report that well over half of all families in Maryville have completed the new online verification process. Parents and guardians are thrilled to by-pass the paper process and go online to verify the majority of their student information.

This verification process ensures that your emergency contact information is current and gives us the details we need to best serve your students and communicate with your household.

You should have received an email with all the details and a secure link, called a SNAPCODE. If you did not receive an email, please check your other email accounts (as the email goes to the email listed in Powerschool as the "Primary" account). You should also check your junk email folder. If you can't find an email or if your email has changed, please contact your school. Use this email to connect with the school staff managing verification:

ALERTS (Phone and eMail)

As you may know, we communicate with families through both email and voice mail. When it is necessary to close school or in an emergency, this information is critical. Swift K12 is the tool we use for emergency contacts. We pull all contact information from Powerschool, which makes the verification process mentioned above ... VERY IMPORTANT. Likewise, we request that any changes that occur during the year be communicated to the school as soon as possible.


Our website for the district (LINK HERE) and each school is a resource for parents and our larger community for all things related to Maryville Schools. We maintain a wide variety of forms, contacts, links, etc. that give our stakeholders a common place to access the information they need. If you have questions or concerns about the content we offer, please contact the technology coordinator at your school or the web curator in our district office via email mcs@maryville-schools.org or phone (865) 982-7121.

A few additions of interest ...

  1. We recently added an alumni affairs section to our website and within that section, we are posting news about alumni. We call it ALUMNI OF NOTE. Please share!
  2. Our website hosting company will be releasing an app soon and we will notify you when you can download it from your app store. While our website is mobile-friendly, many people prefer having the app loaded to their mobile device instead.
  3. If you or a loved one are NOT on social media but want to see what we are sharing ... just go to our district or school home page, and scroll to the bottom. This will give you a view of most of our posts. Enjoy!


Peachjar is an online service that allows for digital distribution of flyers. For many years, parents received a Friday folder filled with flyers from the community and school - some useful and some not so much. This ended up wasting tons of paper each year. Also, families with older students often complained that important information shared at school never made it home. This option gives parents greater access to community and school information.

The Peachjar app gives you control of what you see and when you see it. You can also search to find flyers in specific categories or look up old notices. The best part is you don't have to keep up with the paper, and you can automatically link from the form to send an email or register for an event.

Sign up at https://www.peachjar.com/parents.html and take advantage of having flyers at your fingertips (plus, you can save a tree in the process)!

Learn more at https://www.maryville-schools.org/parentsstudents/peachjar.


We maintain a variety of calendars on our websites that may be of interest to you. Print-ready versions of the annual academic calendar may be especially useful. In addition, you can see our testing calendar, fine arts calendar, a link to our sports calendars, and a comprehensive calendar called TODAY IN MARYVILLE that looks at all events across the district. Use the handy icons on each calendar to print, download, filter, receive RSS feeds, etc.

TIP: The calendars for this school year (2019-20) and next school year (2020-21) are both posted.


We are on social media at the district and school levels. You will also find a variety of clubs, sports, and teachers who use social media to share good news and keep our stakeholders informed. We hope you will follow us!

  • Facebook: @MaryvilleCitySchools
  • Twitter: @MC_Schools
  • Instagram: @MaryvilleSchools


If your student rides the bus, you will definitely want to load the GPS app on your phone. This allows you to see the bus on its route and know when it will be turning down your street. https://www.maryville-schools.org/central-office/transportation/software-unite-gps

You can also review the bus route information detailed on our website (https://www.maryville-schools.org/central-office/transportation/bus-routes), or simply call us when you have a question at (865) 982-7121.


Our monthly lunch menus are a popular resource for parents and students. You will find links in many places on our websites, but going through QUICK LINKS will get you there the fastest. In the meantime, you can bookmark this page: https://www.maryville-schools.org/header-utility/lunch

Need help?

Please don't hesitate to call or email us with any question or concern you may have. During the school year, we are open M-F, 7:30 AM - 4:30 PM.