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Seniors! Please remember to check out the Scholarships available; There are quite a few great opportunities listed!

Metropolitan Community College Scholarships

Seniors! If you're planning to attend Metro, fill out this one application to be eligible for scholarships! Here is the link:

See your counselor with any questions!

Have you been awarded a scholarship? Please bring the awarded letter into the Counseling Center or take a picture/scan and email it to!

Intern Omaha (January 22 deadline)

Hello, juniors!

Are you interested in taking significant steps toward launching your future career and working with some of the area’s top employers while still in high school? If so, you should consider applying for an opportunity facilitated through the Intern Omaha program.

If you haven’t heard of Intern Omaha, you can learn more about it here: Briefly, the program facilitates year-long, paid, co-curricular internships for high school students with some of the area’s best employers (think Mutual, Baxter, Hawkins and several area nonprofits such as Completely KIDS and City Sprouts). You would participate in a competitive application process and, if selected, you would join a cohort of students working in a variety of industries and roles throughout the city. Your time in the program would be structured as follows:

  • Summer 2022: You would take a dual-enrolled professional skills course and work 20-40 hours per week. The program launches on June 6, 2022.

  • Fall 2021 and Spring 2023: You would take an internship course one semester and an industry-aligned career and technical education course the opposite semester. You would also work 10-20 hours per week through your senior year.

The application launched on November 22nd and can be accessed at Check their website then to review the opportunities they’re offering for next year. See if any resonate with you and, if they do, consider applying for as many as you wish.
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UNMC High School Alliance (January 28 deadline)

Sophomores or Juniors interested in a career in health sciences and interested in taking classes at UNMC can apply to participate in the UNMC Health Alliance. This is a partnership between UNMC and the public school districts in Omaha. If students are interested or have questions, please email Ms. Drake or Ms. Depue in the Counseling Center.

UNMC High School Alliance Health Sciences Enrichment Program


Announcing an Exciting Scholarship for Senior Females! (February 1 deadline)

Are you considering a career in engineering, computing, or construction at UNO or UNL? The Kiewit Foundation has partnered with the University of Nebraska College of Engineering (COE) to develop the Peter Kiewit Foundation Engineering Academy, a scholarship program that offers a renewable, full-tuition scholarship for female students who demonstrate financial aid per the FAFSA. Room & board, equipment (laptop & software), & program expenses are also completely covered!

The student application opens November 1st and the deadline is February 1, 2022. Applicants will need to apply and be accepted to the College of Engineering prior to applying for this scholarship.

To find out more about the program, visit the Academy website at

The Susan T. Buffett Scholarship is now OPEN. (February 1 deadline)

This is a competitive and worthwhile scholarship for students who plan to attend a Nebraska public college and have a minimum 2.0 unweighted high school GPA. Students do not need to pell grant eligible but must have an Estimated Family Contribution (as determined on your FAFSA) below $10,000. If you have not completed your FAFSA, now is a great time to do that! The application deadline is February 1st NO LATER than 4 PM. To learn more, access a checklist, and watch a video, please visit:

This is not a scholarship to procrastinate. See your School Counselor soon with any questions or if they can be of any assistance!

Education and Training Voucher program

Are you a current or former student in foster care interested in pursuing education after high school? Reach out to the school social workers for more information about the Education and Training Voucher program which can provide funding for tuition, books, and other college related fees.

Rachel Vacek (A-K) at

Mindy Kneifl (L-Z) at

College-bound seniors, please remember these important reminders:

  • To request a transcript be sent to any school(s) of your choice, please complete the “Transcript Request” Google form on the MSHS Counseling website.

  • If you are applying to any school(s) via Common App, please email or visit with your counselor upon applying.

  • Frequently access the Scholarship Database on the MSHS Counseling website for updated scholarship information. Scholarships will be added throughout the year!

  • Senior parents & guardians are encouraged to follow MSHS Counseling on Twitter for timely updates and reminders: @MSCounseling

  • Remember that the FAFSA (Free Application for Federal Student Aid) opens annually on October 1st. You are encouraged to complete it as early in the fall as possible.

  • If you were unable to attend the College Planning Night on August 25th, you can access the presentation and Senior Packet on the MSHS Counseling website beneath the “College” drop-down menu.

  • You are encouraged to visit for a plethora of free college-planning resources. EducationQuest will meet with families in person and virtually for assistance with completing the FAFSA and other as-needed items.

  • Counselors are facilitating Senior Interviews with all students in September & October to review college and career readiness and plans.

  • Students and families are encouraged to reach out to their student’s school counselor anytime with questions or concerns! We are here and happy to help.

Naval Reserve Officer Training Corps Scholarship

The scholarship of $180,00 pays for tuition and monthly stipend, ability to graduate with a bachelor’s degree, and commission as a marine corps officer.

Qualification minimums are:

1. ACT score : 22 minimum - OR - SAT score : 1000 minimum - OR - ASVAB score : 74 minimum

2. A United States Citizen or Green card holder.

3. Good physical condition – (200 points on a USMC Physical Fitness Test) Your help in this endeavor will ensure the high quality of Officers in the United States Marine Corps and will have reverberating effects through both of our communities for decades to come.

Submission deadlines are rapidly approaching, so if you have a deserving applicant, please contact or by call or text at 817-600-0841.

Student Nursing Assistant Program

Juniors & Seniors,

Start your Healthcare career at Nebraska Methodist Hospital, become a Nursing Assistant, & receive up to 100% of ALL costs paid for those who qualify! You will receive on-the-job training at Methodist Hospital & receive benefits for health/dental/vision insurance. Once you are certified, you will be promoted to a Nursing Assistant with a pay increase and a $500 bonus. If you remain actively employed as an MHS Nursing Assistant for 2 years, you will receive a $1000 bonus at the end of year one and year two. Learn more and get started today at

High School Study Abroad

The U.S. Department of State’s Bureau of Educational and Cultural Affairs (ECA) provides more than 1,000 merit-based fully funded opportunities for U.S. high school students to study abroad for a summer or an academic year in more than 25 countries. These high school exchange programs prepare young Americans to succeed in the 21st century’s global economy by developing their foreign language skills, increasing their cross-cultural understanding, strengthening their confidence and leadership capacity, and fostering new academic insights and ambitions.

Selective Service Registration

Selective Service Registration: Did you know that it is required by law for men to register within 30 days of their 18th birthday? Registration is not only a legal requirement, but a civic duty and key component of our national defense readiness. Click on the link for more information:

Anxiety: When to Seek Help

Anxiety is a universal emotional experience that everyone (including children) will feel from time to time. Anxiety is the body’s normal stress response and can be brought on before taking a test, making a big decision or entering into a new or unfamiliar situation (i.e., starting a new school or a first sleepover away from home). When anxiety becomes excessive and overwhelming or unmanageable to the point where it affects quality of life, it could be an indication of an anxiety disorder.

Anxiety disorders are among the most common childhood and adolescent mental illnesses. Nearly 1 in 3 of all adolescents ages 13-18 will experience an anxiety disorder (National Institute of Health). While genetics, brain chemistry, personality and life events contribute to the onset of anxiety disorders, researchers have been exploring other factors as well. There has been substantial evidence that the pandemic has increased the number of youth who are feeling anxious. However, even prior to the pandemic, anxiety, especially in adolescents, was already on the rise. According to the American Psychological Association and the American Academy of Pediatrics, experts cite that anxiety among today’s children and adolescents may be intensifying for a variety of reasons including, high expectations and pressure to succeed, a world that feels scarier (living in a world where violence and mass shootings frequently dominate the headlines) and growing up in the age of social media.

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Getting Some Zzzzz's!

As more studies are done on the topic of youth and sleep, we are learning more and more about the role that adequate sleep plays in the formative years of youth. There are studies now that not only prove that youth who do not get enough sleep have difficulty in school, but it also puts them at a higher risk for other health problems in their future. Some of the common health problems that have been associated with youth not getting enough sleep include obesity, Type 2 diabetes, and mental health issues.

Sleep is the process your mind and body need to recharge from the day. Sleep is a key factor in helping students with learning and being able to regulate emotional and behavioral factors of their bodies. Some common signs that a student is not getting enough sleep include struggling in school, having trouble with their memory, concentration and motivational abilities, sleeping more often in places they should not be sleeping, involvement in car crashes if they are old enough to drive, and possibly feelings of depression or other mood disorders. With sleep playing such an important role in body and mind development, what are some ways to help students get a better night's sleep?

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