Philosophy of Inclusion

Jocelyn Duran


The action or state of including or of being included within a group or structure

"Segregation has a tendency to retard the educational and mental development of [the separated] children and to deprive them of some benefits they would receive in an integrated school system.”

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Special Education..

Is not a place..
Is not a room..
Is not watered down teaching..
IS specially designed instruction to meet the needs of individuals with disabilities!

Through Inclusion, students with disabilities:

  • are included
  • are valued members of the community
  • are accepted by others
  • participate actively in the academic and social community
  • are given supports that offer them the opportunity to succeed
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Before EDU 404..

  • I was unaware of what inclusion meant!
  • I was blind to the effect inclusion has on the classroom
  • I did not realize the importance of inclusion
  • I did not notice how inclusion has effected me throughout my education
  • I did not know the effect I had in the classroom toward my peers!

Before this class I underestimated the importance of inclusion and the ability students with disabilities have. I was unaware of all the different types of disabilities and the support these students need in and out of the classroom.

What did I learn?

From this class, I learned the importance of COMMUNITY and support from everyone. Not only does inclusion impact and improve students with disabilities, but everyone involved in the classroom. By creating an environment in which ALL students are comfortable, confident, and friendly, students will learn at their BEST and benefit from each other.
Each video we were shown in class proved the importance of inclusion. Students with disabilities are just as important to the learning environment as every other student. Samuel is a great example of the change inclusion can make in someone's life. Inclusion proves that there is a place for every one.

After EDU 404..

  • I have seen and learned what it means to use inclusion!
  • I can make a difference in the classroom with inclusion
  • I can make a difference in society with inclusion
  • I can inform others about how they should use inclusion
  • I can be an example of what it means to include EVERYONE

My eyes have been opened to so many new ideas and concepts from this class. I have learned about so many disabilities, and a multitude of ways to support and include these students in the classroom. I have gained a new respect for every student who struggles with any form of disability. I plan to apply and share my knowledge from this class in my future classroom!

How will I utilize Inclusion?

  • Create a friendly, welcoming environment so that ALL students feel comfortable in the classroom and can learn at the best of their abilities.
  • Use group discussions and projects so that students can get to know their peers!
  • Be aware of students who do not understand inclusion, and inform them of its importance and effects.
  • Continue to learn and create new ways to spread the knowledge of inclusion and make sure all classrooms are using this.
I truly valued the time we got to spend watching the experiences of the students in every video showed in class. I hope that in my future classroom I will be able to spend some time sharing those videos with my students. It changed the way I viewed inclusion, and I hope it can have the same affect on my future students. Even if it is only once every couple or few weeks, I hope I plan to share the experiences from the videos!
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