River Valley Civilizations

Brian Austin, Edward Chung, Milind Bhatnagar, Drew Tucker

Mesopotamia - Tigris and Euphrates River Valley

Egypt - Nile River Valley

China- Yellow River Valley

Indus Valley Civilization

Social Structure

  • Egalitarianism

  • Though clear social leveling is seen in personal accessories
  • Other assumptions: This civilization did not have social classes


  • Technologically advanced, included the world's first known urban sanitation systems

  • Homes obtained water from wells

  • Sewerage and drainage systems, were far more advanced than any found in existing urban sites in the Middle East and areas of Pakistan and India

  • Advanced architecture

  • Most city dwellers appear to have been traders or artisans

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  • Undeciphered writing system

  • Between 400 and as many as 600 distinct Indus symbols
  • Picture: Ten Indus Scripts called “Signboard”, once hung over a city called Dholavira

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