"Eat a bit better"

Available on iPhones, iWatch, and Android devices!

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User Friendly?

This is one of the easiest apps that I have ever used. It's so straight forward that anyone can use it.

My favorite & least favorite thing about the app:

Least Favorite: The thing that I don't like about the app is how it requires the user to share some personal information about themselves that is visible to the other users of the app.

Favorite: I really like how in the app people can share a recipe that they really love. This gives an opportunity for someone who doesn't know what to make, but they know that they want an healthy recipe, to look for something.

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Free vs. Payed

  • tracks amount of nutrition that you take in
  • tracks amount of exercise
  • blog about your diet
  • find and post recipes online
  • track how much sleep you get every night
Payed all of above and.... :
  • gluten
  • allergies
  • get articles from the runners of the app
  • email experts if you have questions
  • track GMO foods
  • and more...
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By Sahithi Cheerla 8 Gold