By Jose Flores

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Today, Stories have leaked that the US population could care less about each other. In other news, Aliens have picked up 20 cows in the state of Texas.


Abolition is a movement in the 1820s that believe African Americans should not be enslaved. So people like William Lloyd Garrison and Fredrick Douglass wanted to do something about it. William was surprisingly a white man trying to get slaves out of slavery instead of in slavery
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Womens Rights

Women's rights started in 1848 and never ended until 1920. The main people in the 1840's who contributed to women's rights was: Lucretia Mott and Elizabeth Cady Stanton.
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Educational Reform

Kids would skip school and would work and provide for there family. So Horace Mann wanted to change all that. His idea was to train teachers, improve curriculum, and also double the budget of schools.
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The movement to stop alcohol abuse. It was ran mostly by women.
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Prison reform

Lead by Dorothea Dix, she wanted to create separate facilities for both men and women. By the time of her death us created over 100 facilities.
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