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February 16, 2016

Happy Tuesday!!

I hope everyone enjoyed President's Day and took some time to make memories with family, friends and loved one. I personally took time to spend time with my wife visiting a couple of new places: Hoover Dam and Red Rocks. For this Valentine's Day, we visited Las Vegas and the surrounding areas. The weekend was pretty packed with events and a lot of walking! If you are wondering if I won the jackpot - Of course I did--- I work here with you all at TPS! Below are a couple of pictures that I hope you enjoy!

This is now week three of February. And this means it is about week 25 of school. OCCT and EOI testing start on April 11 -- which means we have exactly 35 school days from testing.

ACCESS Testing started last week. Laura and her team have been checking in with schools to identity areas in need of support. If you are experiencing any challenges, please be sure to let Laura and her team aware.

Last week was our Portfolio meeting. We focused on a handful of topics and had the opportunity to go deep into the learning. Specifically, we re-focused our classroom walk-throughs around: CSE [Content: Standard / Objective, Strategies: Instructional strategies used for learning, Evidence: How are students engaged to demonstrate mastery of learning]. Click here to access the template used.

Our next portfolio meeting will be on Wednesday, March 9 at ECHS. Additional information is forthcoming.

During these next weeks, we will continue to conduct joint classroom walk-throughs capturing notes around CSE and discussing next steps.

Thank you to ECJR, McLain Hs and Hale Hs for opening your doors as TNTP did joint school visits with ILDS during these first two weeks of Febraury.

During our joint visits I will be using the following framework to guide our time together:
Pulse Check: How are you doing?
Deep Dive 1: Digging deeper with data, feedback, or culture
Deep Dive 2: Digging deeper with data, feedback, or culture
Quick Hits: What do you need me to follow up with?
Commitments: What will each of us need to follow up with ?

As a reminder, during this month, a few points we will be touching are:
- Progress on Roadmaps (Gradation and student achievement) - [Monthly]
- Action Plans: Literacy, Numeracy, Suspension / Referrals
- Read 180/System 44 progress [classroom observations]
- PLC joint observations [to be scheduled]
- Teacher coaching
- Data: Attendance, Suspension, Referrals (log entries)
- Credit Recovery / Accrual progress[high schools only]
- Time management calendar [Pulse Check]

Each of you are at different places with the aforementioned topics. During our visits we will define future the meeting focus to ensure we continue to align our work to be high-impact.

As always, I am humbled and honored to be your ILD and working alongside you to change the future our children, communities and city.

-Your ILD, Julio César Contreras

FYI: If you haven't had the opportunity to read our strategic plan: Click here to read Destination to Excellence

Black History Month: February

African American History Month is here!!! Teachers of all grades and content areas will be searching the internet and library for resources to use as they plan and deliver engaging lessons.

Put the power of sources to work in the classroom. Browse ready-to-use lesson plans, student activities, collection guides and research aids at:


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Attendance Info and Shout-Outs

Attendance SHOUTS OUTS:
- ECJR almost had all of last week at or above 93%
- Hale Jr has 2 days above 93%
- ECHS had almost a full day above 87%
- Hale Hs had two days above 87%

Keep it up!

Click here to download last weeks attendance data chart

Portfolio Legend:

(Jr) 95+ Green; 93-94.99 Yellow; 92.99- Red

(Hs) 93+ Green; 87-92.99 Yellow; 86.99 - Red


Graduation Roadmap: Increase the graduation rate by 5 percentage points between the 2015 and 2016 graduation cohorts.

FYI: The optional EOI Trimester testing is complete. The two week report should be available soon. Please review your student's performance to ensure student progress toward graduation is best met.

Reminder: PFL: Check in: Earlier this month, I shared that there were about 557 students missing PFL with approximately 44% of these students from our portfolio. As we meet these next weeks I look forward to learning what plans we will put in place to ensure our students get the needed classes/courses complete for graduation.
Click here to access the PFL spreadsheet that was shared last week
Please click on tab two and sort Column C to see student names for each school.

710: 136
715: 31
720: 51
Total: 245

High schools should click here to access the graduation progress spreadsheet

RELAY: 16-17 Cohort Application Infrormation

We are excited to extend the invitation to apply for the 2016-2017 Relay National Principal Academy Fellowship

Please read the following attachments closely [click here]. The deadline for the application is Friday, February 19 close of business (5:00 P.M.) If you have questions, reach out to your ILD! We look forward to receiving your applications!

1 Relay Overview
2 Relay 2016 Timeline
3 Relay 2016 Participant Expectations
4 Relay NPAF Participant Selection Tool for Partners
5 Relay Applicant Questionnaire
6 Relay NPAF Past Participants


District Information

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HOT OFF THE PRESS: Student Survey Data - Fal 2015

Earlier today I received the following from Jana:

Attached [click here] are tables displaying the student survey results, by school, for fall 2015. One attachment displays the information in order of composite score, and the other attachment displays the information by alphabetical order. Please note that there are three tables per attachment—one per survey level.

Kindly review the information as an administrative team. We know that many leaders would like to be aware of how their results compare to other schools and initiate conversations and analyses.

BE ADVISED: there is more variation in student survey results within a school than among schools. As a result, that is why the distribution of the scores is so tightly centered around 300.

Please let me know if you have any questions.
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Curriculum and Instruction: Ramping up Instruction

During these next weeks we need to continue supporting our students with ideas on how to make the learning relevant and rigorous. The office of Curriculum and Instruction has put together a one pager that you can share with teachers. Click here to access it.

Thank you C&I!

Destination Excellence: Core Values

During the Portfolio meeting we discussed how important it is to define core values in order to make our work have more meaning versus isolated acts.

In addition, you all provided great examples of people throughout your schools and TPS who exemplify our core values. Thank you for your input. Please continue to keep an eye out for people around who serve as models to our core values

Equity -- Character -- Excellence -- Team --Joy

Important Dates

  • Feb 23 - Feb 25: 8th Grade Writing Test (Return tests on 2/26)
  • Feb 29 - Tulsa Model Observation Deadline
  • Feb 29 - Mar 7 Spring Tripod

Star Student of the Week

Meet Cheyenne

Meet a student in our portfolio who wants to change the future and enjoys helping others!

Q) Where do you want to attend college?
A) University of Missouri
Q) What is your favorite TV program?
A) Shawdowhunters it is based on a book series I read
Q) What do you plan to do as a career?
A) Doctor for Diabetics. I have seen people in my family deal with this.
Q) How do you spend your freetime?
A) If I Stay. IT is also a book I read
Q) What is one thing you plan to accomplish this year?
A) Make straight As

Conociedo a la Familia / Getting to know the Family

Meet Kashannia Sedlack

Q) Where did you work at before coming to TPS?
A) Sand Springs
Q) What is your favorite hobby?
A) Soccer
Q) What is your favorite childhood memory?
A) Hanging out at the lake
Q) What is your favorite quote?
A) “ I have learned that success is to be measured not so much by the positon that one has reached in life as by the obstacles which he has overcome while trying to succeed.“ Booker T. Washington
Q) If you could go anywhere in the world, where would you go?
A) To Italy