Sir Francis Drake

By Gavin A

Early Life

Sir Francis Drake was born near Plymouth, Devonshire, England. He was born in about 1540- 1544. In 1549, his family moved to the county of Kent, where his father became a chaplain in naval shipyards on the coast.

Drake's Voyage

Drake's most famous voyage began on December 13, 1577. He and more than 160 men sailed from Plymouth in the Pelican, the Elizabeth, and the Marigold. Two other ships, the Swan and the Benedict (also known as the Christopher), carried supplies.The original goals of the voyage are not clear, neither is Queen Elizabeth´s role in the planning the voyage. However, Drake hoped to explore the possibilities of trade and colonial settlement in the Pacific Ocean and to find the western outlet of the Northwest Passage.

Changes in Exploration Over the Years

Explorers did not have technology in their time like we do in ours so that made exploration a lot easier for the explorers in our time. Back then, they used compases. Explorers in our time use a GPS and not a compass. We also had betters ships than them so it was more comfortable. In our time, we have google maps and we could take virtual fields trips on the internet. For them, they had to actually travel on a boat to see different places. That is how exploration has changed.

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