Weekly Wrap-up

Week of April 4, 2016

ELA Summary

  • We completed our Cereal Box presentations, and offered recommendations for our historical fiction novels.
  • We began sharing our BrainPOP powerpoints and videos on Black Sunday, informing our viewers about Black Sunday.
  • We worked in small groups to identify key ideas of our novels, Island of the Blue Dolphins and True Confession of Charlotte Doyle; we compiled a list of interesting words found in our novels.
  • We identified examples of figurative language in our novels and in our new read-aloud about Julia Child.
  • We had the opportunity to familiarize ourselves with the devices we will use to take the PARCC assessment.
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We had a great day at Mount Vernon!

Many thanks to our chaperones: Mr. Bennett, Mr. Helmacy, Dr. Kahn, and Mrs. Magnusson. We could not have made the trip without you!

Julia Child: An Extraordinary Life in Words and Pictures

We are reading Erin Hagar's book in preparation for her visit to Riderwood. Ms. Hagar will talk to fifth graders about her writing process on Thursday, April 14.

Looking ahead to next week...

Monday--new content rotation begins

Tuesday--8:00 AM SCA Meeting

D.E.A.R. Day: bring your favorite book to share with a second grade student

Thursday--8:00 AM Green Team Meeting

Erin Hagar visits: 10:00 Assembly; afternoon classroom visits

Friday--We will celebrate Julia Child by bringing in foods made using Julia Child's recipes

*This is a voluntary activity

*Please select a recipe that does not contain peanuts

*Please bring in a copy of the recipe


  • Wordly Wise 17D due Tuesday
  • Note cards for Wordly Wise List 17 due Thursday
  • Spelling test on Friday
  • Wordly Wise Test next Tuesday, April 19
  • We will continue reading our novels. Chapters to be determined throughout the week.

Wordly Wise List 17

  1. afflict
  2. barren
  3. consist
  4. drought
  5. erode
  6. expand
  7. famine
  8. fertile
  9. oasis
  10. pasture
  11. primitive
  12. refuge
  13. revert
  14. teem
  15. wither