Terry Fox And Nelson Mandela

By: Osman Alwi


Terry fox was a young athlete who was born on July 28 1958. Terry fox was diagnosed with cancer at the age of 19 which made him loose his right leg. Terry fox had run a marathon for raising money for cancer research. Terry fox passed away on June 28 1981.

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What involved him as a leader

Terry fox was a young athlete at the age of 19 and he wanted to raise money for his marathon which would raise money for cancer research. Terry fox ran 5373 kilometers across Canada to raise money for cancer research. What involved him as a leader is taking a stand and showing dedication and planning on to run across Canada raising money. Terry fox helped the community realise that there are others who have been diagnosed with cancer and together we can make a change. Terry fox socially gained a lot of respect in others eyes watching a man who is injured running across Canada. Terry fox relates to Nelson Mandela because he also committed to the community and looked forward to make a change in society. This makes Terry fox a great leader who is involved with the community and helping others.
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Showing Leadership

Terry fox showed leader ship with how he never gave up and was encouraged to keep going and not stopping. On average he ran approx. 26 miles every day for 143 days straight. Terry fox was getting sick and he wasn’t getting better but still he didn’t stop and kept going which showed courage in terry fox’s work. This relates to Nelson Mandela and how in the movie he collapsed in front of his house and next day he got up ready for work, this shows courage in what he does. Therefore Terry fox is a an individual who shows leader ship and shows courage.
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Leadership Traits

Some leader ship traits that Terry Fox and both Nelson Mandela have in common are showing courage, never giving up and seeing the big picture. Both terry fox and Nelson Mandela show courage in what they plan on to do like Terry wanted to run across Canada and Nelson wanted to make South Africa a better nation. They also have never giving up as a possible similar trait, Nelson said in the movie that he will never give and keep fighting and Terry also has said that quitting is not an option. Terry had a big picture of him raising money for cancer research and possibly curing cancer and Nelson Mandela’s big picture was making South Africa a better nation.