Tangerine Newletter

By: Annie Metter

Erik Fisher Football Dream Update

Paul Fisher, he has a totally different life from his older brother Erik Fisher here are some of them. Paul Fisher is the the youngest of his family. He has a older brother named Erik which he is terrified of. Paul is very scared of his older brother Erik he thinks he is always coming after him. Paul plays goalie in soccer, and enjoys writing in his journal everyday. But there is a mystery that even Paul can not figure out , is that he is blind .When was little he said that he looked at the sun to much, but he is actually trying to figure out for him self how it happened.

Erik Fisher,The football star of the family, well that is what his dad says. Erik Fishers dad has been pressuring Erik to be doing football because his dad never made. When Erik Fisher was little he used to be a soccer play then when he matured he quit soccer and started to play football. Erik has a closer bond with his dad then Paul has a closer bond with his mom. Erik enjoys to hang out with his friend, for an example Arthur. Erik may look like he maybe the angel but he may be hiding a secret.

Tragedy Strikes

In the begging it was a normal day mom and the boys got home from football practice, but the when then mom got out of the car she had a sorrow face. I asked what had gone wrong and she told me that Mike Costello had died. We stood there frozen, then Erik told us what had happened. We were at practice and the quarter back had thrown the football and it was landing near the end zone and dove for the catch. before he even hit the ground he was dead. We called 911 and everybody tried saving him but he was all ready dead.

MOYA Close-up

In the begging of the story it says that his older brother has been giving Paul Fisher threats and that he is terrified, so Erik must have done something in the past that still scares him today. In a flashback that Paul talked about he was saying that kids in Erik grade made funny of Paul's glasses and called him eclipse boy, that could end up of worrying about is appearance. When Paul said when are try outs then the boys said it will be on the school news ,and it was not there he began to worry if there were going to to be try outs or if they were fooling him.


Soccer Tryouts

Wednesday, Oct. 28th, 12:45pm

Tangerine, FL, United States

Tangerine, FL

There will soccer tryouts Coach Smith and Coach White will be picking the new tangerine middle school soccer team.