Fun Facts about Jordan Spieth

by austin clark


In this book you will learn about a young golfer named Jordan Spieth. So lets get started!
Jordan Spieth Makes 3rd Career Hole-In-One at Hero World Challenge

Who's Jordan Spieth?

Who's Jordan Spieth

Hello! In this paragraph you will learn who Jordan Spieth is, so lets get started! Jordan Spieth is a golfer that is on the PGA Tour (Professional Golf Association). He is the 2nd player to win multiple Junior Championships, with an amazing score of -13, and he's only 22 years old!
This is Jordan Spieth at a Texas Rangers game throwing out the first pitch.


Ok your back. This chapter is about the awards that Jordan Spieth won and remember he's only 22 years old, but he won The Masters. The Masters is the best award in golf. It's the best because you win big money. Jordan Spieth also has won the U.S Open, also Jordan Spieth has taken home $11,000,000 in rewards. He is a good man because he used his money to help his family. Oh, and I almost forgot, Jordan Spieth won the first 2 majors of the year!
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I'm back from lunch now, so lets get started. As you may know or not Jordan Spieth is on the PGA Tour. There are thousand of golfers on PGA Tour.
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More about Jordan Spieth

Hello again. This book is almost coming to an end so, let's go. Jordan was born in 1993. He has one brother and one sister. Jordan played golf in college for the Longhorns at University of Texas. This book is over. l hope you learned a few things in this book. Bye-bye.