Surviving Health with Perseverance

The different stories on how people persevered and strived

Randy Pausch and His Impactful Way of Dealing with Conflict

Randy Pausch is a man diagnosed with pancreatic cancer in September of 2006. He underwent many cancer treatments within the next year but sadly passed in July of 2008. Although he went through this devastating time and knowing what would happen in the future, he stayed positive and made the best out of the rest of his life. He felt that when he engaged with his family, it allowed him to live up to his fullest potential given the circumstances. For example, in his "Last Lecture" he explained how he knew he was going to die but he was spending as much time as he could with his kids so he could fulfill his happiness. He persevered and kept his mind off the cancer in his free time so he was able to live in the best way possible for the time he had left. Doing this helped him strive in his last years
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Catching Kayla

By the time Kayla was in 8th grade, her life was a roller coaster. Kayla started as a young girl playing soccer with great passion. She strived for many years until one day she came home and didn't feel right. She was feeling a strange tingling sensation in her leg. She then knew that something wasn't right. Not long after she went to the doctor who gave her many tests, and was finally diagnosed with MS. Her and her family were devastated but she didn't let that get in her way. Next, she decided to join track for the time her legs could hold for. She had ended up being amazing and went to nationals many times. She went through this adversity of MS but found a way to have success and strive upon it.
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Franklin's Solution

Franklin Roosevelt was diagnosed with a problem of polio while leading as a US president. He struggled greatly with being able to get around and from doing his everyday job. His time was limited and he knew he had to solve this problem, or his career would be over. His solution was Eleanor. She kept him going in his presidential career. She did his work, attended his meetings, and pretty much acted as president. Since he wasn't able to get around, she also traveled for him. This solution was useful because it kept him in a presidential stance while balancing his polio diagnostic. Therefore, if it wasn't for Eleanor, his solution, Franklin wouldn't have been as successful as he was.


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