Assessment is not about you, it is about your students

I agree with this statement. Teachers are more concerned with ensuring that they are teaching to the standardized tests and not focusing on making sure the students are learning and being equipped with the tools and skills needed to survive in this world. I believe that I my mindset has been validated based on the number of students that were not allowed to graduate in 2014 from a school here where I live. These students were not allowed to graduate because they missed the required points for the graduation test by a few points, all under ten. The students did not walk across the stage or receive their diploma. Since then, the state of GA has changed from the graduation test to GA Milestone Test. When this change was made, those students who were not allowed to graduate or get their diploma were called and told that they were now considered graduates; and it only took ONE YEAR!!!!!

Defending our Assessment Practices

Questions to Consider

  1. Why are you participating in the assessments that you use with students?
  2. Can you share in explicit detail the value that you find in each assessment?
  3. Do you participate in assessments that you find no value in for students?
  4. Are you using an assessment you have no idea how to deliver, but are afraid to ask for help with?

These questions will be used as the guiding force behind how I utilize assessments with my students. Each assessments to determine how well students are actually learning. Keeping these questions in mind will motivate me to ensure that my students are learning to the best of their ability. If not, to adjust my teaching methods in order to get every student on the same level.

Failure as a Director

Since I have yet to enter into the teaching world, I cannot offer insight as to whether I have succeeded or failed any students. It is my goal once I do enter into the profession to not fail any student, but to ALWAYS succeed.


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