3/1/2019 Edition

Knoxville CSD Make-Up Days

In case you missed it: Here is our plan for make-up days as of 2.26.2019. All calendars have been updated on our website to reflect the schedule changes:

As a reminder, our 2019-2020 Academic Calendar is also posted to help you plan for next year.

If you have any questions, please contact Lisa @ the district office at 641-842-6551 opt. 1 or

Social Media Awareness: Momo Challenge

March 1, 2019

Dear Families:

This week, word of a so-called “Momo Challenge” has spread on social media. While it is unclear whether this challenge poses any sort of threat to students’ safety, we do know that children are talking about it. We wanted to share with you what we know.

The Momo Challenge is reportedly a social media dare designed to convince kids to hurt themselves by infiltrating platforms like YouTube or the WhatsApp messenger with a scary-looking woman who has the body of a bird. The challenge first surfaced about a year ago and has re-emerged in recent days.

As of today, there have been no reports in the United States of any injuries. In fact, some reports indicate the challenge is a hoax. YouTube released this statement yesterday:

“We want to clear something up regarding the Momo Challenge. We’ve seen no recent evidence of videos promoting the Momo Challenge on YouTube. Videos encouraging harmful and dangerous challenges are against our policies.”

Even if this is a hoax, however, there is still the potential for harm, as it can create serious worry and concern among students and families. We believe this situation presents an important learning opportunity for all of us in the digital age. Something like this can quickly become a social media firestorm because, as a society, many of us have an instinct to share content without first checking the source. This is especially true if the content appears to warn of us some sort of danger.

As always, it is important to keep an eye on what our children are viewing on social media. We encourage you to also discuss with them the implications of sharing content like Momo with others. In addition, Common Sense Media has some great resources and tips for parents regarding the use of social media.


Ryan Klein, West Elementary

John Keitges, Northstar Elementary

Brian McNeill, Knoxville Middle School

Tracy Wilkins, Knoxville High School

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Sometimes Foods: Solid Fats

Students learned the importance of limiting solid fats in their diet. Liquid fats are healthier for

our hearts than solid fats. Solid fats are solid at room temperature. Our hearts pump blood

through our bodies using little tubes (like straws) called arteries and veins, which carry blood

to the rest of our body parts. We need our heart to be healthy so that our body functions well.

Ask your child if they tried to blow butter through a straw during the lesson!

Here some tips to try at home:

 Use the Nutrition Facts label to choose foods with less trans and saturated fat.

 Limit foods high in solid fat (bacon, sausage, butter, margarine, and lard).

 Buy mostly lowfat or fat-free milk, yogurt, and cheese.

 Make lean meats, chicken, and cooked dry beans the center of your meal.

 Get your oils from fish, nuts, avocados, and liquid oils such as canola and olive.

 Serve smaller amounts of higher fat foods.

 Make lowfat snacks (fruits, veggies, whole grains) the easy choice!

Source: Iowa Department of Education USDA is an equal opportunity provider.

Flu Guide for Parents

Click the graphic below for influenza information provided by the CDC.

School Library News

Our school book fairs are coming soon! We hope to see you there: March 8th-14th.
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KHS Musical is this Weekend

Online Ticket Sales are now live for the upcoming KHS Spring Musical Little Shop of Horrors!

The cast and crew is made up of 8th thru 12th grade KCSD students and will have a live band directed by Mr. Ben McCartney.

  • Tickets are $8 and every penny goes directly into helping the Drama Department continue to produce productions for KCSD!
  • Performances are March 1st 7pm, March 2nd 7pm and March 3rd 2pm at Knoxville Performing Arts Center.

Please direct any questions to and please follow us for fun pictures and updates on

Twitter @KnoxHSDrama

Knoxville Spring Musical on Facebook

Knoxvillehsdrama on Instagram

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KHS Guidance Information

Senior Alert - Upcoming Scholarships

List of scholarships due in March in order of deadline:

If you have any questions about the scholarship process, or any other part of your journey, give us a call at 877-272-4692 or email

KMS Theatre Experience Variety Show

The KMS Theatre Experience performance for family, friends, and the public is next Thursday, March 7th at 7 PM in the KMS Auditorium.

We'd like the kids to see what it feels like to perform on stage with an audience so it would be great if there were lots of seats filled with an adoring crowd.

Solar Projects in 6th Grade Science

The 6th grade Science students are just starting the "Solar Car Project Activities". The past several days they have been learning how to use a multi-meter to test 1.5 volt batteries. Soon, they will be using the multimeters to record voltage produced by their solar panels - when the panels are at different angles to the sun, when there are different kinds of days like sunny, cloudy, kinda cloudy, etc. They will use this information to help decide the best way to mount the solar panels on their solar cars. Since I could only get 40 cars this year, this became a small group project. Problem solving is a major goal of this project. Since there will be cloudy days, they will need to come up with a plan to power the car using a 1.5 volt battery. The car will go by itself with no hands touching the wires, motor, batteries, car, etc. Students are enjoying this challenging project!

News from 6th Grade ELA

6th-grade language arts students have been learning how to read for information. They read a procedural text called “How to Build a Bat House” and evaluated the instructions. The purpose of the activity was to see if students could follow instructions, evaluate the steps, and create instructions. In Mrs. Willis’s advanced language arts class, students worked in groups to create their own instructions using the information from the text. They were able to design the instructions in their own way. Linked below are some examples of their instructions:

From the Northstar PBIS Team: Panther Store

At Northstar, students earn Panther tickets when they are Being Safe * Being Respectful* and *Being Responsible*. This year, students may spend those tickets at our Panther Store, open on Wednesday and Friday mornings from 7:35-8:05. Click on the image to the right to view some of the popular choices the students enjoy. Ask your child what they have purchased from the Northstar Panther store!

Eddie Eagle

On Monday, February 18th, our 4th Graders had the opportunity to have a presentation from the Knoxville Police Department about “Eddie Eagle”. Eddie Eagle is a program that focuses on gun safety and what to do if one of our students were to find a gun while they are out in the community. Students learned a very catchy tune to remember if they were to find a gun that does not belong to them while they are out in our community. If you want any more information on Eddie Eagle you can visit Thank you very much to the two officers who came to all the 4th grade classrooms, Officer Keller and Officer Rowland!

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American Legion Honors 5th Grade Writers

The American Legion asked our 5th grade students to write an essay in order to develop a deeper knowledge and appreciation for the United States Flag. Another objective was to help the students gain a knowledge of flag etiquette and respect for the flag. Thank you to Curt Froyen, Jack Spaur, Conrad Nelson, and Jim Brees for presenting a certificate, an American flag, and commemorative coins to each of the pictured students on February 21 in an assembly with our fifth graders.

Pictured below are the 10 flag essay finalists from our 5th grade class at Northstar Elementary.

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Kindergarteners Rewarded

On Tuesday kindergarteners were rewarded for their good choices being Responsible, Respectful, and Safe by going to the Knoxville Recreation Center. They were able to choose swimming or playing in the gym with some friends from the high school. We may not have been in school every day in February, but awesome choices regarding our behavior were made while we were there!! Something tells me that these kids are responsible, respectful, and safe both in and out of school. A HUGE shout out to the Rec Center for sponsoring this event.

Happy Bear Visits West

West Elementary had special presentations this week from Pam Bettger and Happy Bear! Happy Bear is a person in a costume that animates and reinforces the safety content presented by Pam, a specialized trained child advocate. It is a highly engaging program where student learn about a personal safety plan of --NO, GO and TELL.

We thank Pam and Happy Bear for helping our students at West!

West Elementary students: The only people in Knoxville who want MORE snow! :)

Notifications for School Delays & Cancellations

In order to receive notifications regarding weather cancellations and/or delays or changes to district activities, please subscribe to the GovDelivery service. Signing up is easy at: Screenshots are pictured below of the subscription process. If you need assistance, please contact: or 641-842-6551 opt 1.

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Information and Happenings from our Community Partners

Elementary PTO

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