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3-D Copper Tooling

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This piece just looks like pieces of copper with a design in them put on different levels. However, it demonstrates something more. The name in this piece is 'Andrea', who's name is my Mom's. I love her very much, and that is why there is a heart around her name. I decided to put the copper on different levels to demonstrate all the ups and downs we always go through. Although it might not be the most creative and artistic piece of art you have seen, it has a lot of meaning, and is plenty loved by my mom.

My Mom

My Mom is in the proccess of creating her own website. She is very talented, she is a web designer. She went to college for a really long time to get a degree for that stuff. The link below shows her wbsite that she is working on. She is a really great artist, her first portrait is of her Grandpa, and it is displayed on the "Portraits" page with all her other portraits she has completed. She will be putting up more that she will be drawing as she progresses on. She and I both would appriciate if you looked at her stuff, now and as she progresses on with her website. Thanks!!