This is what God needs from you:

simply this,

To act justly

To love tenderly

And to walk humbly with your God

Micah (6:8)


It's hard to believe school starts back next week! I hope everyone had an enjoyable Christmas and New Year with a chance to get some downtime and recharge ready for an exciting year ahead. My family went on a big road trip with our caravan to Sydney and back, covering nearly 9000km! What a fantastic journey going from one side of the country to the other. At times, we were so far from civilisation, standing on the edge of Australia on a cliff at the Great Australian Bight. Simply amazing! Although we were travelling to the other side of Australia for a reason (we had a family event), the journey was such an enjoyable part of the trip. As we begin another year and can sometimes slip into looking out for the next holiday or event, let's be conscious to enjoy the journey and all that goes with it. I'm looking forward to a fantastic year at St Paul's!

As we enter into 2023 and focus on the journey we are about to set out on, the quote from Micah that I have included above about what God needs from us gives us important things to focus on ... to act justly - following the example of the life of Jesus; to love tenderly - loving with selfless sincerity; and to walk humbly with God.

I wanted to send a newsletter before school begins to provide you with some information for the start of the year. Don't forget, students start back on Wednesday 1 February. Please take note of the information below. I'm looking forward to seeing everyone back next week!

Term 1 Events

The Term 1 calendar has been put on our website and there is a list of important dates at the end of this newsletter. Please note any relevant dates on your calendar. We will continue to update the calendar and populate it with the rest of the year so please check it regularly.

Please note, there is a pupil free day this term on Friday 3 March. We will also be resuming assemblies this year and will let you know as soon as we have allocated dates and classes.

I encourage you to attend our Masses and class prayers whenever you can. Our opening mass is in Week 2 and it would be great to see you there! We are also bringing back school parish Masses so please put them in your diary and make every effort to come, particularly when your child's class is rostered on.

P&F Welcome Picnic

We are really pleased to be able to hold our P&F Welcome Picnic again this year. The picnic will be on Friday 10 February from 6:00pm until 8:00pm. This is an important opportunity for our community to come together, enjoy each other's company, welcome new families and have some fun! The P&F have been busy organising the event so please make every effort to support it and be a part of the community.

Parent Information Meetings

You will notice on the calendar that this year's Parent Information Meetings will be held on Monday 13 February so please make every effort to be available as this is an important opportunity to meet with your child/ren's teacher/s and find out how things will be run in their classroom/s this year. We will run a session at 5:00pm and another at 6:00pm. More information will come out soon, where you can indicate the session you would like to attend.

Grass Area

I am so pleased to let you know that we have some beautiful new grass at St Paul's! After working closely with a Councillor and the Manager of Parks & Sustainability from the City of Stirling, we have an amazing result! We are very grateful to the City of Stirling.

Initially, it was only the sandy section that was going to be replaced, however, they ended up replacing the entire area! The City of Stirling has given us strict instructions on what needs to be done to give the grass the best chance at success so we don't end up in the same situation as before. This does, however, mean that it is very important that the grass has time to establish itself before we are able to use it. The City of Stirling has put a barrier around the grass to keep people off while it establishes. Unfortunately, this means we need to keep off the grass for the first half of Term 1. Hopefully, the inconvenience of not using it during this time outweighs the long-term benefit we will get!

We are looking at options to ensure our students have enough space to play and run around in the meantime. We have also purchased some games that can be used during break times, which I'm sure will be a big hit! Thanks in advance for your patience and understanding during this time

Building Project

Our building project is about to get underway and I have had the first site meeting with our builder and architect. At the moment, they are hoping to start on site on 6 February. We are still working through some of the detail around the impact on the school, however, the first stage of the build will involve the area between the two buildings where the toilets are. During the first stage of the build while the toilets are not accessible, students will access the toilets in the Barbier Hall and the disabled toilets we have around the school. There will obviously need to be some disruption during the build, however, our focus will be to reduce the disruption as much as possible and ensure student safety is our first priority. We are working with the builder to have demolition and other noisy works completed outside of school hours as much as possible to avoid disruption to learning. I will endeavour to pass on any information I get through the newsletter.

Enjoy the last bit of the holidays!


Pete Merry




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