Science Quiz #1

Dani Gross

Lab Safety

Safety Equipment

  • Nurse: ext: 2828
  • Never taste or touch chemicals
  • Always waft liquids but never powders
  • Hot and cold glass look the same
  • Tell Mr Leeds if there is broken glass and through it in the proper trash
  • Never use force when using glass
  • Clean-up completely

Reaction in a Bag Lab

  • Heat is produced when A mixes with red liquid or water (exothermic reaction)
  • Gas is produced when A, B, and red liquid or water mix

Red Liquid

  • Phenol Red
  • Used as a ph indicator

Ph Scale

  • Measures acidity
  • Range of numbers: 0-14
  • 0-6 is acid
  • 7 is neautral
  • 8-14 is alkaline

Substance A

  • Calcium Choride
  • Acidic
  • Hydrotropic (absorbs water)
  • Uses: canned veggies, electrolyte in sports drinks, flavor pickles

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Substance B

  • Sodium Bicarbonate
  • Not acidic
  • Uses: baking, toothpaste, laundry detergent

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Heating Baking Soda Lab

  • Control group= unheated baking soda/tea
  • Experimental group= heated baking soda/tea
  • Indicator= tea (showed that heated test tube was not baking soda)
  • Independent variable= temperature/heat
  • Dependent variable= tea
  • Control factors= same type of tea, same amount of baking soda, same amount of tea same size test tube, same amount of stirring time
  • Experimental errors= hole in tubing, stopper is not on snug, not cleaning stirring rod

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Volume Notes

  • Unit of measurement= cm³ (cubic centimeters)
  • Volume= lwh
  • Standard unit of length= M (meter)
  • 1 cm= 0.01 M
  • 100 cm= 1 M

Unit Cube

  • A small cube
  • 1 cm on each side
  • 1 cubic centimeter (look below)

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Volume of Liquids

  • Use a graduated cylinder to measure volume
  • Always check the intervals of the scale
  • Unit of measurement= mL (milliliters) or cm³
  • 1 mL= 1 cm³

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Single Pan Balance Notes

  • Check that pan is clean and dry
  • Zero balance before each massing
  • Never switch pans
  • Pick up balance by red bar only
  • Do not zero balance when done

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