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Week of January 11, 2016

Tornado Drill on Tuesday at 9:00 a.m.

We need to complete one tornado drill each nine weeks, so this drill needs to take place this week. Sorry for any inconvenience.

End of the Grading Period is Thursday!

The posting window for the Term 2/Semester 1 grades opens on Tuesday, January 12th. Any grades in the grade book will automatically post. The posting window closes on the 21st of January at 4 pm. Sara A. will begin posting report cards to Family Access at 4:30 pm on the same day.

1/2 Day Teacher Work Day on Friday

Our students will enjoy a day off on Friday. Teachers will have an opportunity to wrap-up the second grading period.

Faculty Meeting Friday at 7:45 a.m.

Please add any items to the agenda. I will share this with you on Monday. I plan to keep this meeting short so you will have plenty of time to work in your classrooms.

Thought for the Week: Creating a Safe Environment

"A safe environment for the learner is an environment in which error is welcomed and fostered - because we learn so much from our errors and from the feedback that then accrues from going in the wrong direction or not going sufficiently fluently in the right direction." -John Hattie, Visible Learning for Teachers (p.19).

"Failure comes in many forms. It happens when students or educators try something new and it doesn't work out the way they thought. These situations are a perfect time to learn how to deal with failure, or even better, teach students how to work through it. Failure can offer great learning lessons for us all if we choose to approach it with a positive attitude.

As adults, we should share our stories of struggling and failure with our students so they understand that it is a part of life. The resiliency students can gain and the lessons they can learn from failing will help them find success in the future." -Peter DeWitt, "The Benefits of Failure"