by: Lawrence Sliger

What porphyria is


Your body has converters called enzymes. (There are certain enzymes for different parts of the body this one is for the skin.)

Enzymes take Porphyrins and makes them into heme (which is apart of the hemoglobin which gives oxygen to your blood.) Porphyria occurs when enzymes stop working and don't make heme for parts of the body and the porphyrins build up, in some cases making the skin weak and easy to be burnt by the sun. Integumentary system is affected making weaker. The Respiratory system is affected it making ones urine purple or red.

1 in 25,000 Caucasians will get porphyria so it's pretty rare


How Porphyria can happen

Porphyria can happen if one abuses drugs or alcohol. If some one fasts a lot (like Vincent Van Gogh he painted and worked and didn't eat a lot and he got Porphyria)

Mutation (how most people get Porphyria)

Porphyria is an inherent mutation. There are environmental factors like drugs and alcohol that will give out Porphyria too but its most common as an inherent mutation.

Systems affected

The Nervous system is affected so is the respiratory and the Integumentary system is too see slide one for details


Symptoms of Porphyria

There are a lot of symptoms I’m doing the most common symptoms

  1. Sun burns (severe)
  2. Back pain
  3. Arm pain
  4. Leg pain
  5. low blood pressure(sometimes deadly)
  6. discoloration of urine
  7. bad stomach

these happen randomly to the person with porphyria some are really rare some aren't


Treatment for Porphyria

There is no cure but one can take pain medication or live a drug free life and stay inside or away from sunlight

How to find

How to diagnose Porphyria

Urine analysis

Blood samples

If they have really bad sun burns and haven't been outside for long


Vincent Van Gogh

Yes, Van Gogh had Porphyria it is unknown has there were alot of factors to how he got Porphyria. (little known fact about Van Gogh is he didn't cut off his own ear. His Friend cut it off with a sword in an argument he made up the story that he cut it of to protect his friend.)


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