Attendees & target

Meeting Date: 22.10.15

Attendee: Rui Yang-SH, Gregory Durand, Natascha Widder

Subject: Status point on development & Team collaboration.


Closed points:

- New business function LOG_EAM_SIMP activated in production. Allows mass changes of equipment and functional location. Only for the use consutlant.

- Mail if notification closed in the US and soon for France.

Ongoing actions:

- New MTS solution implementation for China (Delivery date -> October 2015):

- New MTS solution implementation for USA (Delivery date -> October 2015):

  • Enhancement to look at all production order -> look at equipment used and based on number of part produced when confirmed in order to create measuring documents (Z_PM_42_1276_A: run as a batch). Test undergoing.
  • Report showing new requirement for future maintenance based on IP24 (Z_PM_42_1264).

- New MTS solution implementation for RAYLIFE_1036 (Delivery date -> Not planned yet).

- New MTS implementation in Turkey (Q3 / Q4).

- Counter based maintenance activation for Spain (T106961) (Delivery date -> Q1/Q2).

- Automatic creation of notification N2 when equipment status change (T178250) (Delivery date -> Q1) (make sure it is restricted to Germany!).

Open Questions:

- For the US project: New material type non valuated for MRO needs approval from Logistic lead.

- T178250: Make sure it is restricted to Germany (Natascha?).