All about Hurricanes

Characteristics of a Hurricane

A hurricane is a severe tropical storm and it is accompanied by thunderstorms. It also has an eye in the center

How Hurricanes affect the enviorment and its people

It can cause floods, landslides, or mudslides. Humans would be impacted by food sources like farms. Trees would also be torn into pieces.

How Hurricanes are beneficial

The hurricane will help an area that might be in a drought. It will also heal damanged reefs.

Texas Eco Region- Weathering, Eroison, and Deposition

The Coastal Plains region, yes because the hurricane carries the broken down rock the deposits it somewhere else.

Hurricane Sandy

How did Hurricane Sandy affect people and the environment

There was tons of debri left on the sidewalks and streets. Three hundred seventy-eight thousand gallons of oil spilled in the Author Kill and other surrounding creeks.

Other facts

-It has an eye in the center

-Hurricanes happen more to the coastal parts