Week 36 - May 9 - 13

French IV - YL - Section 1 - Spring 2016

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Semaine Numéro Trente-Six

Welcome back for Week 36! This week students will continue work in our last unit: C'est Fini. Assignments due this Friday, May 13 include:

1. C'est fini - 3B Project Oral

2. C’est fini - Unit Exam

The course is drawing to a close. Next week students will take their Final Exam. The final deadline for all work from Section 3 of Unit 8, and Units 9-10 will be Sunday, May 22 at 11:59pm.

Alternate textbook links:

C'est Fini

Les Arts


Le Passé

Les Possibilités


Fall Semester: Quarters 1 & 2
Les Gens:

La Réalisation:

Les Désirs

Les Activités

Les Fêtes
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Required Live Classroom Schedule

As a part of the requirements of the course, students are expected to attend live sessions with any French IV instructor (1 session/unit). The dates/times of live sessions will be provided in this section of the newsletter each week. The instructor will communicate with students in course announcements should there be any change.

* Wednesday, May 11 @ 10am (Unit 10)
* Sunday, May 15 @ 7pm (Final Exam Review)

To access the live classroom, students should click the link in Blackboard titled "Live Classroom French 4." It is suggested that for the first time they arrive approximately 15 minutes early to ensure that they are able to enter the chat room and check the functionality of all tools. Students should log in with both their first and last names, or if attending by teleconference, they should identify themselves to the instructor upon entry.

The Instructor

Mme Karen Miller is a graduate of Ohio University in Athens, Ohio. She began her career in 2009 at a classical school in Fayetteville, NC teaching French levels I-IV. She currently teaches French I and IV with NCVPS. She has two children, a stepdaughter, Madison (10) and a son, Aiden (4). She lives with her husband, children and dog, Ella (also 10) in Hope Mills, NC.